More contagious UK variant of Covid-19 found in Ulster County

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan said today that an Ulster County resident has tested positive for the UK strain of Covid-19, a more contagious variant of the virus .

“Today we were notified by the New York State Health Department that an Ulster County resident has tested positive for the UK strain of COVID-19,” said Ryan. “This is a critical reminder that while we have made great strides in fighting this virus, we are far from out of the woods yet. I ask that all residents remain vigilant and proactive to blunt any further spread of the virus. We must continue to social distance, wear masks, avoid gatherings, and take all precautions necessary. As county executive, I will continue to do everything within my power to advocate for additional vaccines and ensure that the distribution of available doses is done safely, quickly, and equitably.”

According to the CDC, the variant spreads more easily than other forms of the virus, and one study found that it was also more lethal, but “more studies are needed to confirm this finding.”


Ryan said yesterday that the apex of the Covid-19 second wave appears to be behind us, with active cases and new positivity rates falling.

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  1. Jaymes Nohns

    Simply amazing, how we know so much about “Strains” of a virus that was completly new last year. Anyone that cant see through all of these lies, clearly isnt capable of logical or rational thought. The propaganda with all of this is incredible. SMH

  2. Stanley Hess

    Mr. Nohns,

    At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Thank You.

  3. Bill H

    Neighbors, Mr. Nohns finds it harder to believe that this virus exists than it is to believe that there is a vast secret global conspiracy engaged in by nearly everyone — scientists, politicians, all three branches of our government, teachers, medical providers, colleges and universities, religious institutions, journalists, pizza shop owners, and nearly all of the people on the planet — to lie about the existence of Covid-19 and its variants. Somehow the latter is more believable to Mr. Nohns. Further, Mr. Nohns conveniently leaves no room for other possibilities in his mind, arguing that anyone that knows the virus exists is incapable of “logical or rational thought.” And yet he writes to us.

    We have been learning more and more about where people like Mr. Nohns get their ideas. They have been reading and watching information that has led them to believe that we are dumb for knowing Covid-19 variants exist. It is going to be hard for anyone to convince someone who dismisses alternative points of view before they are even uttered. In this stuck frame of mind, even actual facts cannot penetrate. And if such a person continues to take in only the same confirmations of his beliefs day after day, then what authority, what expert, what anything, could change such a mind?

    And, yet, Mr. Nohns believes that he is thinking critically. He believes the WE are the ones that are lost for knowing that Covid-19 and its new variants exist, that countless people have gotten sick or died from it (48,000 plus New Yorkers), that it is highly contagious, that we wish it to go away. He thinks these are lies and that we are stupid. Please don’t follow him down that rabbit hole.

    Here is a good summary of Coronavirus variants and mutations:

    And some info on why some people are more prone to conspiracy theories:

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      Go on your beliefs of your own rational thought then, be first in line for the vaccine, wear masks for the rest of your life then, or wait for something miraculous to happen. Then wait until you are told that its ok to take the mask off…….you are going to be waiting for a looooong time. I will let you fellas be the guinea pigs. Copying and pasting links to fit your narrative does not make you, “Woke”… just shows you are a keyboard Queen…….nothing else

      1. Bill H

        These are the same tactics our former (thank goodness) president uses. Mr. Nohn’s first post was complaint, denial, and insult. Here, he refers to knowledge of Covid-19 as “beliefs.” In so doing he makes allowance for his own beliefs, which is to deny the reality of Covid-19 and mock others’ choices to cooperate in order to slow or stop its spread. Somehow cooperation has come to mean “sucker” or “follower.”

        Another tactic is to dismiss reading links because they are merely copied and pasted (I admit, I didn’t write them out myself) to fit my own “narrative”. Folks like Mr. Nohns have come to believe that everyone is just telling their own narrative, which makes his anti-Covid/mask/vaccine narrative just as valid as a fact-based one. How convenient. Facts be damned. Sadly, the links I provided lead to current findings on the very issues that seem to be driving Mr. Nohns to post here. Will he follow the links out of interest in gaining further knowledge about Covid-19 variants or the conspiracy theories that have driven him to this state? I hope so, but am doubtful.

        Lastly, Mr. Nohns resorts to more insults (“keyboard Queen”?) and the final absolute dismissal of any other possible reason for my existence, which could be “nothing else”. It stinks like the sad attempts at bullying that our former president made popular among his followers.

        The insults will keep coming — they always do from people like Mr. Nohns — but we have to outshine them with knowledge and fact and a mind for the well-being of our community.

        1. Jaymes Nohns

          How is it a tactic? I made a statement, you didnt agree with it….all good.
          As if I am trying to make you angry. I am not. However, what your responses show me is you are not open to suggestion, that what is going on the the world is not what it seems… do however like to argue…..

  4. Bill H

    In the above thread, Mr. Nohns predictably tries to revise his original incendiary statement in an attempt to come across as a more reasonable guy. Take a look at his original post (if you are even reading this far) in which he vaguely claims that we are being lied to about Covid-19 and its new variants. He does not state who is lying or what the lies are, but that we are being fed “propaganda.” He also does not identify what that propaganda is. But in an attempt to make his arrogance look like confidence he adds the blanket statement that anyone who cannot see what he is vaguely talking about, “isnt capable of logical or rational thought.”

    A way to test the intellectual dishonesty (not overt lying) of his first post:
    1. Why are you “amazed” that scientists can detect new strains of a virus?
    2. What lies are being told?
    3. How do you know they are lies?
    4. Who is telling the lies?
    4. Who is telling the truth? What sources do you use that informs you of this (the science and the lying)?
    5. Why, in your mind, is there no other alternative than that we are being lied to?
    6. Why is anyone who does not see what you see incapable of logic or reason?

    People like Mr. Nohns will avoid these questions as if they were the plague, or only answer them questions with more vagaries and dismissive personal attacks designed to have us think he is “in the know” and we are not. It’s a bluff.

    And now in his latest reply he claims to merely have said, ” the world is not what it seems” as if that tidbit of common knowledge is what folks reacted to. Why would Bill H and others be arguing against something so wise? They must be crazy. This is another tactic dishonest posters will use: simply claim you said something different. He clearly has no actual knowledge to share about the subject, but has a uninformed general attitude about it and decided to write something caustic. Well, we ought to stand up to people that spread nonsense about a deadly pandemic and call them out. Even if it does feel like a waste of time.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      Bill H.,
      Our new fake president has now claimed, (and I am not a Trump supporter either) that two masks are better than one, and we will most likely be wearing masks well into next year……hmmmmm. How many times have they moved the goal posts since the whole “Flattening the curve” farse. At what point do you say to yourself, “something doesnt seem right here.” Compare Florida to California, the infection rate is the same as being open to being locked down….. If I were you I would be mad that career politicians, have put your life on hold. The bitterness you have towards people, with negative undertones, in 95% of your responses, I dont take personally. You do it to everybody. Some people gets their kicks, as do you by playing the martyr. While you are locked down in NY….I am enjoying Florida, who has a governor that can see through the B.S.. Its business as usual down here….. Not quite sure what Cuomo is trying to accomplish up there…but thats the reason NY is losing 1000 residents a day….some people can see through the lies, while people like yourself trust “Science”……coming from the same paid off doctors that told you in the sixties that smoking was healthy and safe. Somehow you think the system has changed? Now everyone is honest? Ummm, Yeah…ok, so…..continue to enjoy your lockdown and mask wearing, I have to skidaddle. There is a Mimosa with my name on it on the pier by the beach, and I dont have to wear a mask, or sit 10 feet away from people like yourself…..Enjoy!…….

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