Ulster receives more vaccine doses, but still inadequate

Ulster County received 1900 Covid-19 vaccine doses this week, up from 1500 last week.

County Executive Pat Ryan said today that the county has so far received 6800 doses total, less than 10 percent of those needed to provide the first round of shots for the 70,000 Ulster residents who are eligible.

“We have to continue to be patient until supply picks up from the federal government,” said Ryan.


The 1900 doses are being distributed like so (phase / group / doses / location):

  • Phase 1a / healthcare and hospital workers / 800 doses / through employer
  • Phase 1b / other essential workers / 500 doses / county distribution sites in Kingston and Ellenville
  • Seniors / anyone age 65 or older / 600 doses / pharmacies

The county distribution sites are located at Kingston High School and Ellenville High School. Appointments are made online by signing up to be notified when they’re available, and scheduling a day when contacted. Ryan said all the appointments for this week have been filled. You can see which jobs are considered essential making workers eligible here. Ryan said next week additional categories would be added, including restaurant workers, taxi drivers, and those living in developmentally disabled facilities.

Appointments at pharmacies are made by contacting the pharmacy. Ryan said 100 doses each will be distributed at six local pharmacies:

  • Rite Aid, 485 Broadway, Kingston
  • Walgreens – 316 Broadway, Kingston
  • Walgreens – 201 Plaza Road, Kingston
  • Walgreens – Simmons Plaza Road, Saugerties
  • Walgreens – 50 N. Main Street, Ellenville
  • Walgreens – 3732 9W, Highland

Here is the link to the Walgreens scheduling page. We didn’t see any Covid-19 vaccination info for Rite Aid, but the phone number for the Kingston store is (845) 338-4155. Seniors who need help can contact Ulster County Office of the Aging, 845-340-3456.

As for the current state of the virus in Ulster, Ryan said the positivity rate has been in decline consistently for a week and active cases have also fallen.

“We feel increasingly confident each day that in Ulster County we think we’ve reached the apex of the second wave, and if we can all continue to do the right things, follow the precautions, that we can get this back under control,” he said.

Currently there are 2,256 active cases and 32 hospitalized, two in the ICU. The fatality total is 217.

Active cases

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  1. andrew cowan

    Ulster County (and the surrounding counties) have been completely under served by the vaccine distribution ‘plan”. I put it in quotes because there doesn’t seem to be any plan, nor any details, being provided to the public about the mysterious process by which “millions” of doses are being distributed into the states. My hunch is that its based on a few things, not the least of which is socio-economic, population density and probably proximity to previous “hot spots”. More affluent, dense population bases (presumable with a high percentage of residents having health insurance) get the biggest distributions of vaccines first- after all, they have more votes, more money, more influence and more insurance (which can pay immediately for receiving the vaccine). Lower income, more racially diverse and more remote areas get the least number of vaccines. Just my guess but probably some variation on this is true. Why the mystery about the plan? Why are no details being provided by local officials who are quick to hold weekly broadcasts sharing data we already know – how few vaccines ave been distributed in Ulster etc. while not sharing any tangible information on what the issue is, where the delay is, when it will be resolved? We don’t need to be told what we already know- we know all vaccine centers within 50 miles of Ulster are closed; we know there are no appointments, we know that somehow a healthy 30 year old working for the Department of Transportation or the closed Department of Motor Vehicles in Ulster county qualifies for a vaccine in the first group while people in their 60’s don’t. We see that there’s no date listed yet for the general public in Ulster to receive the shot. We know that as of yesterday it’s somewhere estimated to be out past October of 2021! We know that the category so loosley defined as “essential workers” broadly defines people who are in categories of work that have been completely closed down and presumably aren’t in contact with the public while older, more at risk people in the general public are expected to self quarantine for another 9 months, waiting at the end of the line for a vaccine. We know that the list of pharmacy’s that Ulster County sent out that can administer the shot have no shots, have no scheduling tools and are making no appointments- so why bother? Where’s the outrage here? Why aren’t the local politicians who hold weekly online updates that provide no real updates making a bigger, louder effort to find out why we have 7k vaccines for a county of 200k people? Why aren’t they calling out the people who are controlling the distribution program? It’s not such a mystery; there are decision makers and policies upstream that are routing where vaccines go.

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