Another monolith appears in Woodstock field

A monolith on Sled Hill in Woodstock.

A tall, black structure appeared sometime during the morning of January 23 in the portion of the Comeau property in Woodstock,  known to locals as Sled Hill. It first appeared in the Zena cornfields off Zena Road December 26 and disappeared within a couple days only to show up again recently.

Unlike the metal structures that began appearing across the world late last year, the Woodstock monolith appears to be constructed mostly of plywood that has been painted black.

Was it brought here by an alien race or is someone having fun pranking us?


For now, nobody has stepped forward and claimed responsibility, though it has fueled many comments on Woodstock-focused social media.

One commenter cautioned not to touch it, another said it is the wrong color and another simply asked, “But why?”

One person said there are quite a few alien life forms in Woodstock. While there is no scientific evidence, the casual outside observer may believe that statement to be true.

Could it be the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius as one commenter speculated? 

Perhaps we’ll never know.

“I have no idea,” said Woodstock Town Supervisor Bill McKenna when reached by phone Sunday afternoon.

“I know there’s been a scuttlebutt on Facebook.”

McKenna speculated someone is having fun with it and was happy the situation has given people something to gossip about and a reason to laugh.

“Let me know what you find out,” McKenna said to this reporter.

We’ll let the readers know if we learn anything.

Until then, as one Facebook poster said in reaction to the latest sighting,

“Peace, love and music.”

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