Ulster County Legislature reappoints Donaldson chairman

Dave Donaldson, chairman of the Ulster County Legislature. (Photo by Phyllis McCabe)

On Monday, January 11, the Ulster County Legislature met for its first meeting of the new year and unanimously voted to reappoint Democrat David Donaldson as chairman.

Donaldson was nominated by legislator Brian Cahill who described him as a “dedicated public servant” considering his 23 years with the Ulster County Legislature.


“Legislator Donaldson has shown through his actions his willingness to look at all sides of an issue and use those discussions to come to consensus agreements,” said Cahill. “As a legislature and county, we are facing unprecedented times ahead with the ongoing scourge that is Covid-19. We need a leader with experience, patience and foresight to guide us through these difficult times. I can think of no one more qualified to lead us than legislator Dave Donaldson.”

Legislator Laura Petit seconded the nomination for Donaldson and there were no other nominations.

“I am humbled,” said Donaldson about the unanimous vote. “My door is always open, my phone is always available. I don’t care who you are or when you call, I will always get back to you. I will continue to do that.”

“We are all here to create a better Ulster County,” Donaldson read from his prepared statement. “The more involved, the better we are. The more we reach out to each other, the better off we’ll be.”

The 2021 legislative calendar will follow last year’s meeting on the third Tuesday of each month, with the next meeting being on February 16.

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  1. Greg Peterson

    This guy does not look at both sides, only the Donaldson side. He continues to misrepresent the NDC report on the kingstonian.

  2. Tom Brooks

    The Kingston Times should have transparency, and let everyone read the Kingston Times in this time of COVID and the future, not only a select few.

  3. Phil Smith

    Investigate Ryan, Noble and Donaldson in misleading the Taxpayers in regard to the PILOT for the
    Kingstonian. The IDA board has been stacked by the above.

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