Hunter Mountain ski center closed due to Covid cases

Hunter Mountain ski center, which closed yesterday due to a number of staff testing positive for Covid-19, remained closed today.

In a message posted to its website today, the ski center said it will decide whether to open later in the week.

Hunter Mountain will remain closed today, Jan. 6. The safety of our employees and guests is our top priority and we will always ensure that we have sufficient safety personnel available for mountain operations prior to opening. Unfortunately, this morning at Hunter Mountain, a number of ski patrollers excluded out of work relating to COVID-19 which is impacting today’s operations. We are assessing our ability to operate for the rest of this week and will provide updates on our social media channels and website as soon as possible. We again apologize to our guests for any inconvenience.

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  1. Amy

    Is this actually true and verified? If they have employees who tested positive for COVID, why haven’t the skiers been notified as per the recommendations (or are they regulations) by the state that requires contact tracing? Hunter knows the name and contact info of EVERYONE who was there last weekend and we should have all been called, if the information reported in this article is accurate. Please correct me if I’m not understanding something….Thank you.

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