Saugerties restaurant opts to close until spring, citing safety concerns


The owners of the Dutch Ale House in Saugerties announced yesterday that it would close until March 2021, citing safety concerns connected with Covid-19. The restaurant previously closed for a time in November after a staff member tested positive, and subsequently re-opened for several weeks.
Here’s the full message:
We can’t thank you enough for your generous support since March. We have certainly faced unprecedented challenges and we have all muddled through these tough times. Unfortunately we still have a rough road ahead, and with that and everyone’s safety in mind, we have decided to temporarily close the Dutch starting next week until Spring. We hope to see everyone again when we reopen, and we look forward to bringing you more wonderful outdoor dining, and the food you love plus some new favorites.
We thank you for sharing your best moments, happy and sad tears, nights of dancing to live music, engagements and birthdays, and your everyday Friday nights with a burger and beer to end your week. We have enjoyed every laugh and tender moment with you since Feb of 2018.
In the meantime, please follow us at @shalehillhg for our fun new projects! Windmill will continue to be there for local wine and spirits, Millstream Tavern is opening Spring 2021 at the Woodstock Golf Club, we have a fun new local eatery and marketplace opening at 262 Main St, and we are rapidly booking catering next year through Kitchen at Shale Hill Farm! However, the Dutch will always be our first love in hospitality, and we look forward to greeting you all with a warm smile in 2021.
The Gilpins & The Dutch Team

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  1. Stanley Hess

    There is a story here, although not the one you’ve written. It’s not news to regurgitate a press release issued by the business. What is news is reporting on the jobs lost through this action. Why is this restaurant closing when others, including one directly across the street, continue to do well with takeout and to go food. One would think that the closure of a restaurant that has operated successfully at that location for decades might warrant more than just reprinting the owner’s desired spin.

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