Kingston GOP seeks candidates for city and county office

The City of Kingston Republican Party is seeking community input for candidates in the coming 2021 election cycle.
The positions to be filled are:
  • City of Kingston Alderman, Wards 1 thru 9
  • Ulster County Legislator, District 5, 6, & 7

Any interested parties can contact City of Kingston Republican Chairman John P. Quigley by email ( or phone (845-594-2698).

This year’s potential candidates will go before a review panel and upon completion be provided with the necessary tools and resources to compete in the upcoming election cycle.

Should anyone want to make a recommendation (anonymous or not) they can submit the persons name at the following link:



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  1. joseph difalco

    Quigley is delusional and has no idea what the chemistry is of the council and who represents the people and who doesn’t. He may oppose candidates who are working on behalf of us. The city committee leaves a lot to be desired so he has his homework cut out for him. He’s given nothing and gotten plenty like a nice cushy county job and will be the next election commissioner next month. Candidates don’t need the blessing of the city committee to run for office either when the city committee members do absolutely nothing to help candidates get elected. The supreme justices It should be defunded. They don’t do anything anyway.

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