Letter: Silence is assent

We, the citizens, parents and teachers, have great power and responsibility to create change in our schools. We have sacrificed our children’s natural and critical development as social, creative and spiritual beings. We have substituted schooling as a replacement for education. We have allowed our children to become victims of corporate-driven curriculum, destructive testing programs and captive subjective technologies and algorithmic conclusions and directives. We must redirect and return the education of our children to the parents and teachers and away from the control by politicians, bureaucrats and union leaders.

Parents and teachers need to organize and demand the return of our children to schools which focus on education: teaching our children that they can learn, think and create in ways special to them. As children return to the classroom, they need to be embraced in a welcoming environment, facilitated by loving teachers freed to focus on each child and their uniqueness. Advanced students need to be given the opportunity to coach those students whose knowledge and skills have been affected by the consequences of the coronavirus.

Teachers and parents need to organize and demand that their children’s education be freed from political and acadumbnik designs, and that their union leaders return to their professional commitment to serving our children’s education, not schooling.


Paul Jankiewicz
Ulster Park

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