Kingston mayor announces new rental assistance program

Kingston Mayor Steve Noble, speaking at this month’s Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce breakfast, said a new program using federal community development block grant money and administered through Rupco will deliver approximately $150,000 to tenants who are having trouble paying their rent due to Coronavirus-related health and employment challenges. 

The program would apply specifically to city of Kingston residents. Noble called it a “win-win” in that it would help tenants and landlords, the latter group also being affected by the pandemic. 

Noble said more information on the program will be available as it gets up and running later this month.


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  1. Hannah Soarks

    Noble is in bed with RUPCO and O’Connor, why can’t the City administer this program,Noble could hire another friend or his wife.

  2. Vic Stock

    Why has noble closed city hall? He has a responsibility to the residents of Kingston, not hide behind closed doors.

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