Letter: Support our local gyms

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I am sympathetic to the governor’s closing down restaurants and bars at 10 p.m. to stave off another terrible round of Covid. But gyms? As the gyms were enabled to reopen on August 24th and gym members gingerly and cautiously went back, I have had the realization of how necessary our local gyms are. The local gym I happen to attend is immaculately clean and is never, ever crowded at all, due to computerized attendance limits, mandatory COVID screenings, air purifiers in every space, air circulation, regular disinfection etc. I am never working out next to another person. Anyone in the gym is considerate and we all are aware to wipe equipment and we all wear masks. I am much further away from other people than I am at the supermarket.

Feeling good and energetic is only one reason to attend a gym. Gym attendance increases our immune system and that is exactly what we all need now. It lifts the emotions and is known to help with depression and anxiety.

I can’t think of another activity which has such purely good effects on us.  Actually, the governor has deemed our liquor stores as “essential,” so it’s puzzling and confusing, why our local gyms are being put at such risk economically by our governor. I completely understand having to close a business to prevent Covid spread. But going to a gym is safer than so many other activities right now. Here in Ulster County, our numbers are relatively low…. so as we weigh the risks and rewards of being able to go to a gym, I think the extremely small  risks are worth the great rewards.


The local, individually owned gyms in our communities are priceless. If they are allowed to go under and our small upstate towns are left without gyms we will be poorer for it in terms of our health. With the safeguards in place right now, I would encourage people to return to your local gym.  You will be pleasantly surprised how clean and safe it is.  And let the governor know that you value and want your local gyms to stay in business.

Ingrid Beer
New Paltz

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  1. Facts. Not Fiction.

    We all love our local gym. And yes, absolutely, working out, physical activity, all leads to a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, the reality, and this situation is about reality, no matter how hard it is for everyone. The
    reality is that every piece of data shows 3 Primary Sources of Infection — no matter how clean: Gyms, Hotels, and Restaurants. That’s just the reality. So yes, do everything in YOUR POWER as gym member to help your
    gym stay open through the winter. This isn’t imaginary people spreading the infection, real people are really spreading the infection. Exercise can be achieved without being inside – sweating and exhaling into a closed
    system…sadly, that’s the weakness gyms have built into what they are. So, it is up to all of you to wear your mask — COVER YOUR NOSE (seeing wayyyyyy to many people who are exposing their noses…that’s where
    the infection enters and exits the body!!!!!!!!!). Wash your hands. Wear your mask. Use your antibacterials.
    Make sure gym owners are keeping every piece of equipment clean, and maybe leave the front doors wide
    open to get fresh air in. This situation is hurting hundreds of millions of people around the WORLD…not just here. In the end, it’s about all of us, not just the gym owners. Demand your Federal Governent (Mitch McConnell, Paul Rand, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham…and all the other grifts GET A STIMULUS BILL INTO THE HANDS OF BUSINES OWNERS NOW.) THOSE GUYS, NOT DOING IT, THAT IS WHY GYMS WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS!! They, and restaurants, could hold on IF THE REPUBLICANS DO THEIR DAMN JOBS. SO FAR, THEY HAVE FAIL ALL OF US.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      This has nothing to do with Republicans, but everything to do with pork barreling Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, wanting ridiculous want lists included in the stimulus bill.

  2. Captain Trips

    … Wow, democrat or republican have as much too do with this, as the communists and anarchists. Greed and evil agendas of evil greedy middle school intelegenced scum playing childish games with our lives and livlihood, and I mean all of them, no matter what ridiculus party they belong, are the blame. The only way we survive, as far as I am concerned, is to get rid of this antiquted, broken, non-functioning, two party system. I am so sick of, and too tell you the truth, annoyed and disgusted, as well as embarrassed for the whole human race, when consistently, I keep reading, and hearing every democrat blame every republican and every republican blame every democrat, for every malady, making both sound like possessive idiots. They are playing games and people are dying. Grow up, wake up, and open your eyes, they are dividing and conquering, and all of you are just eating it all up, helping them divide us. It is time too come together, and be as one, not so divided over, really, “church and state”. The republicans want church involved in every governing decision, and too keep church issues in state, yet lie, cheat, steal as too achieve this. The democrats want too, basically throw the baby out with the bathwater. Both parties suck, and have personal agendas, not based on what is best, right now, for ALL AMERICANS. It is time too stop. I urge all too leave all political organizations, and join the entire of the human race. Bad enough we have all these evil organizations brain washing people that call themselves religion, that are only here too fester divsion and hate, we really do not need these made up poiticol brainwashing parties also. Every label you give yourself, and others just divides us all, from our own brothers and sisters. I have an idea, how about we drop all these useless, divisive labels and join together. Let’s bring the fight too the democrats and republicans together as one, after all, that is what they are one big hot mess, and vanquish all political parties along with their narrow minded agendas. Let’s live in peace together, with a government for all, and, while your at it, please leave your foolish religous beliefs at the church door, not everyone agrees with you, and here in America, that is the way. If you all stopped, and realized how fallible we all are, maybe we would stop believing, without real proof, what liars tell us.

  3. Ingrid Beer

    These comments are for sure interesting. I so welcome our learning from each other and communicating. Meanwhile, I would ask folks to cite their sources where “every piece of data shows 3 Primary Sources of Infection.” This can be fact-checked …. there have been ZERO spreader events associated with gyms in New York. Then there is this: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/31/health/covid-contact-tracing-tests.html and then this https://nypost.com/2020/11/17/nycs-covid-19-test-and-trace-program-cant-pinpoint-80-of-cases/ and there are many more like it.

    I don’t perceive anyone saying it is imaginary. What I am saying is that gyms are not as dangerous as they are being portrayed. I’m asking for gyms to be treated fairly in relation to other businesses and with scientific data to back up decisions.

    Also, please be aware that members are not “breathing” into a closed HVAC system and that HVAC system in addition has MERV 13 filters minimum installed. At my gym we have air purifiers installed in addition.

    I wold ask that if we want to cite “facts”, then please bring citations to the table. Thanks all.

  4. Captain Trips

    Jaymes, I do catch your ironic, yet self indulgent and sophomoric attempt at humor, along with your complete, either; misunderstanding, and/or lack of comprehension of my posted words. Or, more like it, your way of purposefully twisting, deflecting, or bastard-izing my printed word, as too, let’s concur here; “get under my skin”. I hope for your sake, it is the latter. It would take far more, than the already noted above, spheric, reply post of yours. And, in fact if you were too know, my guess is, you might also be agog that our value and moral compasses are not that far apart in overall ideology, just saying.

    What does get under my skin, though, is seeing the big picture, the whole big scary picture, and the ignorance of my fellow earthlings. How gullible, grasping at fantasy and illusions, feeding on broken promises and lies perpetrated by the powerful for one purpose only, too divide, control and conquer. I see the seedlings of deceit and lies fertilized with misunderstanding and self-rightousness, further flowering hatred and unrest. If my crazy vision of what is too come, does come too pass, and I hope, that I am wrong that it does, everything you think, that you were supporting, is going too tear your belief system apart. And, we, the people of America, will be in trouble, along with the entire of the free world. Wait, till you find out just how close our Mr. Trump (He is not going anywhere, wait till we all see what happens when the electoral college does vote. Surprise! FYI: a state ec does not have too vote with the popular vote. It is a “closed” board, your vote, is only a suggestion.), is too Putin, and their future plans for you.

    Once the electoral college seats his ass in the oval office again, against popular vote of the people, that is when the unrest happens, the protests by those, for whatever reason, voted for biden. That, will be when the sh*t, will hits the fan! Trump will call in all his armed, confused, hate groups, that he cajoled into supporting him. Many military and law enforcement personal, who also supports such facist values, may be engulfed by a misguided set of manufactured ideals, into joining together in response to the biden protesters. Civil war. Chaos, man against man, kin against kin, anarchy. Then, once those flames are fed by this insane demigod, he will go to his best pal and idol Putin. Together, with other notable insane dictators, they will rise against the European Union, Middle East, and all democratic and free society. They will divide the spoils, the Americas too Trump, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East will be Putin’s, and just guess, which Trump pen-pal will control the East? Your world, if you survive, will plummet you into the very society that you always were such a good proud American, too despise; a communistic dictatorship.

    All this and a pandemic that will rage, through this civil unrest and poverty of coadunation amongst mankind, devoid of peace. Natural events, which are increasing in both intensity and count, will further go withot desisting and intervention. There will be no more government, like you remember, and loss of life, will become just a calculation on a spread sheet. With millions living in the devastating waste, relief non-existent.

    Pick up a Bible, really read it, by yourself with no one else’s interpretations. Forget, what you have been calling a religion, everyone of them is based on deception and control, dangling fantastcal futures, that do not exsist, as they say. Leave all labels behind, free yourself, too live as the Creator, who lives in you, meant for all creation; Free of labels and hatred. Love each other, as you love yourself. We, are only here, for each other and creation itself, as porters and caretakers of the earth, and all who inhabit. Find it in your spirit, too let all live as we wish, without encroaching on anyone else, with what you believe, but in fact loving and nurturing individuality, and your fellow man.

    I also urge my fellow man, too stop praying too false gods like, Jesus for instance, he never said too praise him, but that he was, in fact God the Fathers, child just like the rest of us, and a living handbook, of how too live your life. He was, he lived, his word lives, and he laid down his life, as a symbol, of the ultimate gift. However, he is not God, full of God, just like you and me, but not the one true God, the Father and Creator (Father, as well as child or children are just, really, a metaphor). He tells us this consistantly, that we are all the children of God, that we are brother and sister too him, and each other, and that, we are his equal, capable of things far greater, than he. Connected, whether we (you) like it, or not. I present too you, that everyday millions of miracles are preformed by us, each and every second. Miracles, that Jesus, and those of his time could never even fathom. Did he not tell us that very thing, in his words. Jesus, the Christ, told us, in his last real statement of erudition at Gesthemene, too pray; TOO THE FATHER daily. Which he then presented his pray, “The Lord’s Prayer” as an example, not to be repeated like drones word for word, like a mantra. But too pray too the Father, or Creator, everyday for peace throughout all creation, heaven and earth, sustenance, forgiveness, and protection from all evil, in our own words and supplication. That was his word, not, remember everyone, once I am gone, make sure you pray too me, and use my name after everything that your personal agenda desires.

    In closing, sorry you chose too be abhorrent and antagonistic in your reply, but I love you Brother, and wish you every happiness. May you remain safe and well, and brace yourself for what is coming. Being a Captain, I may be privy too things, that are going on. Peace.

  5. Captain Trips

    P.S.: The creator had, and has many envoys (children with voices), not just one, usually they are the persecuted ones, who the mainstream does not “hear” while they live, or some may hear but most, do not truly, really hear and digest.

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