All New York Thruway tollbooths to go cashless starting Friday

Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced cashless tolling will go live on the New York State Thruway’s ticketed system during the overnight hours of Friday, November 13 into Saturday, November 14. The conversion will take place simultaneously at 58 tolling locations across the Thruway’s 450-mile ticketed system.

For vehicles with E-ZPass tags, there will be no change.  Vehicles without E-ZPass tags will have their license plate image captured and a toll bill mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. Non E-ZPass customers have a number of options to pay including by mail, over the phone, online, and via the TollsNY app. Customers who call **826 from most mobile devices will receive a text message with a link to the Tolls by Mail website and information on how to pay their toll bill.

The change marks the end of in-person toll collecting on the Thruway. Around 200 full-time and 900 part-time workers will be laid off as a result of the changeover.


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    Attacking Labor now has reached new levels of exploitation and one wonders where the class action suit is to correct this fiasco, For one thing it presumes that everyone must have electornic equipment and a fixed permanent address to travel the roads. For another thing it denies access to cash transactions which is, to date,. still
    legal tender and is the currency of the Nation. Forget about the fact that the system will accumulate penalties for unpaid bills that may have been honestly overlooked because of the delay or mailing variables that are our routine experiences forget about the fact that you can’t go and speak to a real human being to mediate problems because the system is all electronic recordings. what about the high cost of operational maintenance and the potential for administrative fraud (let’s be real folks !). the Thruway authority is notoriously one way power and they dictate terms until the elected officials are forced to confront them.
    That’s plain history, not speculation. There is so many things wrong with this turn key operation of EZ-Cash
    exploit that will be bilked by high priced administators that know no limit to their own worth, but have now stuck citizens with a billing system that has no real price controls, reduces free transport on open roads to those that have the appropriate class means to comply; and most importantly has stepped on Labor.
    Everyone should be up in locked arms against this monopolistic move against cash freedoms. Once again we need a class action suit from some conscience felt lawyers, and we need to seriously complain to our State Representatives to keep our Freeways open to Freedom of choice.

  2. Bobby Burke


    … Just get an EZ pass, for heavens sake, progress always has a few dissenters. Money, i.e.: legal tender, is going bye-bye, a new digital, “SAFER”, way has been designed. Join progress, or be left behind, crying and stamping your feet. Frivolous lawsuits do not help anyone, and you already stated that there will be a new labor market created, in maintenance and code writing, etc., for this all digital system replacing the antiquated toll collector, so what’s your problem? And, as far as only an EZ pass device for entrance and use of the thruway making it “exclusive”, it has always been an “exclusive” highway, having too pay, to use it, at a toll. In closing; at the turn of the last century, there were 10,000 buggy whip makers in the USA, now there are two known makers. In 1980 there were over one million phone booths, today, lucky too find one. Time waits for no one, and change is inevitable, everything is not a lawsuit.

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