Letter: Trump’s, Biden’s cosmic signs

Former president and famed leader for ending the Civil War Ulysses S. Grant was born under the astrological sign Taurus. Noted characteristics: determined, persevering, stubborn, strong material instincts. Grant’s slow, steady, plodding moves won the Civil War.

A student for years studying planetary cycles as they affect human life, I followed carefully those of President Trump and president-elect Joe Biden. Biden born (a Scorpio) with a Taurus moon in his natal, cosmic map. He won through those same dogged, determined, steady, unwavering actions like Grant. Positive cosmic cycles formed as the campaigning came closer to election time. His rising sign (Sagittarius) giving the elevated, high-minded, spiritual, positive qualities his speeches revealed.

What is astounding, unimaginable, unfathomable is knowing Trump’s unrelenting foibles, lies, corruption, virus incompetence, anti-wildlife, anti-climate preservation, separating moms from kids, still incurred the many that voted for him.


Not surprising to me. Trump’s cosmic cycles showed an elevation at election time. Not quite as positive, strengthening as Biden’s. After January there is a cosmic shift. Biden’s challenges will be, as he expects, great.

Catherine the Great ruled the Russian Empire 1762-1796. Historians wrote that Russia had needed a mother. President-elect Joe Biden is now the father this country badly needs. All parents know that cleaning up after a self-centered, stubborn, changeable, willful, lying child is not easy.

Early statements by our newly elected president and later by former Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City included the main reason for running. For Trump to win a second term would have been disastrous for America and the world. Obviously, millions agreed November 3.

A great day for America and the world.

Joyce Benedict

Hyde Park

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  1. wowjustwow

    It’s adorable how you guys make Biden out to be some kind of hero. No one actually deep dived for research, did they? Nah, why bother? Who wants to read that their hero lied about graduating top of his law class? Who wants to be reminded of this crack-smoking prodigal son, you know, the one who took foreign kick backs for “the Big Guy”? The manhandling of Tara Reade? Why remind people that Joe, under President Obama, actually caged and deported more illegals at the border than orange man bad could’ve ever dreamed of? Or that Joe’s administration bombed Syrian and Yemeni civilians with drones and illegally invaded Libya, which destabilized northern Africa and led to the largest refugee/migrant crisis in history? Well that’s OK because his moon is rising in Sagittarius!

    Look, I get why people hate Trump. Every time he opens his mouth you don’t know what kind of cringe-worthy word vomit will gush out. He’s an embarrassment of utter proportion, a caricature of vices, a boorish misogynist, filed for bankruptcy a thousand times, blah blah blah. Did he mishandle Covid? Sure, but so did politicians who encouraged attendance at public Chinese new year celebrations, crammed sickly covid patients into nursing homes and implemented draconian shut downs that destroyed thousands of small businesses. And with all that focus on impeachment for a concocted Russia BS story (if you’re being honest), who in government had clarity to properly handle the pandemic? Sorry, but the moral/intellectual inferiority match is tied.

    Millions voted for Joe but almost as many voted Trump. This is undeniable. Trump supporters know he’s a mess but also saw Trump’s love for this country, for punishing China for its theft of our intellectual property, its unfair trade practices and for the hegemonic, existential threat it poses to the world. China is also guilty of horrific human rights violations, interring over a million Uighurs in labor camps and harvesting organs from political dissidents (if you have $750,000 you can get a fresh organ on demand). Trump hates EuroZone leaders but so do many Europeans (if you don’t know this you should expand your media horizons). He hates corrupt global organizations like the UN and WHO because they continually demand American tax-payer money for their unending, never improving virtue projects (great business model), then crap all over capitalism. Trump wanted to save coal (which, btw, is the way we create most of our electricity), bring back manufacturing and make America great – i.e., competitive – again. He wanted to expose the unadulterated bias and censorship of the main stream media and how ambitious politicians become entrenched in government to enrich themselves with insider info and pay-to-play schemes. “Hate him with the intensity of a thousand hot white suns” (credit to Diane’s character from Cheers) but he loves this country and doesn’t care for rewriting our history or dismantling our traditions and Constitutional tenets, and neither do 71 million voters.

    Joe Biden has been in politics for 47 years. He was good friends with Robert Byrd, a Grand Cyclops or something-something in the KKK. He helped kick off the private prison industry with his horrible crime bill. He has said embarrassingly racist things. But he has always been known as a moderate, a sort of vanilla, intellectually marginal DC fixture. His tenure there has produced lots of friends and connections and he has a reputation for reaching across the aisle in the spirit of cooperation. That’s nice, really, but it doesn’t negate his icky history and justify elevating him to hero status. Trump was a disruptor; he derailed the train before it had a chance to crash. Half of the country hates him, the other thinks he has a point. Censorship, propaganda, antifa-inspired violence, mandated closure of businesses, threats of gun bans, defunding of police, taking of private property for public good without just compensation (eviction moratoriums), etc, all smells like communism to those who’ve had any first hand experience with it. If you believe these things move us in the right direction, you are woefully ignorant, and I’m being kind when I say that.

    Now that Biden is president-elect (very high probability, any way), should we hold hands and Kumbaya? No, we’ll resist but not by rioting and looting or doxing or intimidation, but by patiently waiting as more and more reasonable Liberals drop off the woke-collectivism groovy train and move center as this monster continues to reveal itself. If Biden is who I think he is, he’s praying for the Senate to remain in Republican hands so the Dems can continue to blame legislative malaise on old white racist men. Old white coots who control both parties are dying off. These are the corrupt coots who 30 years ago began sending American jobs to Asia and South America, who’ve saddled the young with massive student loan debt, and whose Federal Reserve has kept interest rates super low, inflating assets (e.g., housing), condemning the young to the renter class. Our country was screwed long before Trump arrived. How clever of the powers that be to allow Trump to ascend to the White House. I mean, what an incredible specimen to distract from the real evil that governs our country with impunity.

  2. Captain Trips

    WOW! Just WOW, is pretty dead-on, for that rant of a diatribe. There is an awful lot too dissect there. However, why bother. Have another toke, and dig a little deeper, I am sure there is somebody creating whatever scenario one would want too believe is reality, the deeper one burrows the wilds of mistruths of the internet.

  3. How low can you go?

    Wow! How did HV1 ever find a competent astrologer to help you slam Trump? Oh, wait… You didn’t!

    The reason you don’t find “bad” horoscopes for Trump in mainstream media’s Echo Chamber is that his birth chart is so extraordinarily auspicious and strong, with powerfully positive executive skills, destined for greatness, and beneficial outcomes. If there were any weakness in his chart, it would have been analyzed, overblown, and republished ad nauseum.

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