Pro-Trump rally in Saugerties attracts more than 1000

Assembly candidate Rex Bridges addresses the crowd. (Photo by David Gordon)

More than 1,000 supporters of President Donald Trump converged on Saugerties for a rally yesterday. Cars, trucks, and even a fire truck filled all the parking spaces at Cantine Field near the pavilion, then continued past the first of the baseball diamonds.

Vehicles were festooned with American, MAGA, Gadsden [Don’t Tread on Me] flags. Several carried American flags with a black stripe or flags entirely in black and white with a blue stripe. Manly attendees sported MAGA hats and other Trump paraphernalia.


The rally was peaceful and orderly; there was little police presence at the scene. The speeches were short and to the point, promising Trump will win the presidential election, and the Congress and state legislatures will be strongly Republican.

Kyle Van De Water has a big thumbs up for his supporters

Kyle Van De Water of Millbrook,, who is challenging Congressman Antonio Delgado in the 19th District encouraged the crowd to vote, and to make sure their friends get to the polls.

Rex Bridges, who is opposing Democrat Kevin Cahill in the 103rdNew York State Assembly district, stressed the importance of giving President Trump control of both houses of Congress. He also said state legislatures are closer to the voters, and it is important to gain control of these bodies too.

While both candidates drew strong applause, there was little of the chanting and loud cheering common at President Donald Trump’s rallies. The mood was confident and enthusiastic.

A few blocks away, at the corner of Main Street and Washington Avenue, about two dozen counter-demonstrators held signs saying “Dump Trump,” “We are the quiet pocket of resistance,” “Love not hate makes America great,” and “Hate has no place here.”

That’s not quite the end of the story. On November 1, 2020 Saugerties Police charged 36-year-old Paul J. Senecal of Poughkeepsie with the violation of failing to Obtain a Facilities Users Permit and Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance, as prescribed by Town of Saugerties Local Law 224-10.

On November 1, 2020 at 3:15 p.m., it was charged, Senecal promoted and held a mass gathering involving 1000-plus participants at the Cantine Memorial Complex without first obtaining a permit or liability insurance for conducting the event.  Senecal was processed at the scene and released on an appearance ticket returnable to the town justice court on November 24, 2020 to answer the charges.