Kingston Common Council supports green amendment

Kingston’s Common Council voted to support adding a green amendment to the New York State Constitution. “This is something that I think Kingston is a leader on in the state, working toward a green environment while still building jobs and housing,” said majority leader alderman Rennie Scott-Childress at the October 5 caucus.

There was little discussion, State lawmakers introduced a bill last year to amend the constitution by adding a right to “clean air and water and a healthful environment.” 

In other news, the New York Power Authority and state Department  of State will be providing electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging stations at Dietz Stadium, coinciding with other improvements. “The fast-charging EV station is not only a benefit to our entire community, it supports our city’s larger green initiatives and sustainability efforts,” said mayor Steven T. Noble in a statement.


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  1. Paula Froelich

    What jobs have been created by this Administration. The only thing green is Greenkill Avenue, what a way to enter the City. Get real Noble.

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