Police: Man broke into Saugerties woman’s home and sexually assaulted her

Jairo A. Gonzalez-Palma

Last month, Saugerties Police Detectives initiated an investigation into a reported sexual assault that occurred during the overnight hours in the Village of Saugerties. The complainant reported to police that she was sleeping when she was awoken by a male standing in her bedroom next to her bed with his hand under her clothes and between her legs. The male fled the residence upon startling the victim. An Investigation conducted by police detectives has led to the arrest of 24-year-old Jairo A. Gonzalez-Palma on the charges of

  • Burglary in the 2nd Degree (Felony)
  • Forcible Touching (Misdemeanor)

According to police, Gonzalez-Palma has five prior arrests in Saugerties, one of which included burglary charges in 2018, when Gonzalez-Palma was also accused of illegally entered another person’s dwelling.

Gonzales-Palma, who is listed as homeless, was released on his own recognizance upon the court issuing an order of protection on behalf of the victim.


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  1. Erika Cruz

    Why would he be posted for a crime hes not been convicted of, so people can see his face and assume he committed an offense not proven? Why would the peron who wrote this up, put somone in a position of such shame with no evidence it was this man who committed this crime?

  2. andrew cowan

    These types of cases – anywhere- are concerning, in particular in the Saugerties area there’ve been 2-3 similar cases over the last year or so. One involved a woman who’s chased a male companion with a chainsaw, then a few months later was arrested again for stabbing someone else, followed by yet another violent incident. There were reports of another male in Saugerties who had over a dozen arrests for violent behavior; he was arrested twice in the same day recently-and released with a court appearance in the future. Now we have this instance in where a homeless person with multiple arrests for similar crimes/assaults/home invasions is charged and released? I’m all for a fair treatment of folks charged with crimes; however these repeated incidents demonstrating violent, unstable, erratic behavior are a threat to the public safety and there’s no mystery as to how things will end up. There’s something very wrong with the system when people who have a history of breaking, entering and assaulting homeowners are released on their own and left to repeat their crimes against people who have right to presume safety in their own bed at night.

  3. LeavingNY

    The democrats emptied the Ulster County Jail of most of the inmates. Now we are very unsafe, and the officials don’t know what to do with the UC jail that was recently built with HUGE cost / time overruns, and, now at the expense of the law abiding public at the hands of the criminals that the democrats refuse to incarcerate.

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