Halloween will go forward in Saugerties

Communities across Ulster County will allow Halloween trick or treating, Saugerties village mayor Bill Murphy reported at the village board October 5. Following discussions with town supervisor Fred Costello, the mayor suggested that the normal curfew for children be moved up from 8 p.m. to 7 p.m., so everyone can be done before it gets dark. Because Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, trick-or-treaters can start earlier and be finished by the earlier curfew.
The change would also advise people to limit trick-or-treating to their hamlets, rather than traveling around the town. At this point, plans are not final. Murphy, who conceded the change would not be enforceable, will be involving the police in discussions about the outlines of the policy. Most of the communities in the county were adopting similar measures, he added.

Murphy suggested that people who would not want to participate because of the pandemic or other reasons should post a notice on their front doors or porches. He suggested participants wear masks and possibly gloves. Or, “people could put a bowl on the porch, and hope some kid doesn’t come by and take all the candy,” he said.

Trustee Jeannine Mayer endorsed the suggestion that the board also ask that people wear a glove when handing out treats. “We should ask that people practice Covid-19 protocols, wear a mask, wear gloves,” Murphy said. Even better might be to leave the bowl of treats for the kids to take, sit nearby, and wish them a happy holiday.
Murphy said that most of the county’s towns were on a conference call, after which they said they would be allowing trick or treating. After the plans are made final, “we’ll get it out on Facebook, get it out on Twitter, on our website.”