A ‘pattern interrupt’ on the Walkway

I met Edward C. Ball on my morning bike ride on the Walkway Over the Hudson. It was a gorgeous day. When I saw Mr. Ball, I asked him about the sign that caught my eye.

“The sign I carry — Speak up — is my attempt to create a pattern interrupt in the lives of the people who read it,” Ball says. ”Some ask, ‘About what should I speak up? ‘To which I answer, ‘Something that is important to you. Speak up and respectfully share it with others.’”

Ball continues, “It allows me to listen and then to ask, ‘Are you registered to vote?’”


Ball says, “I came up with the idea one day while thinking about George Floyd. I was struck with how little my growing up experiences (white Los Angeles) had in common with my cousin Yve’s (Black Louisiana). From this I somehow knew I wanted to carry a sign ‘Speak up.’ Strange, right?”

Not strange at all, Mr. Ball. Thanks for your valuable contribution to the national dialogue.