Lightning suspected as cause of Cragswood fire in New Paltz

Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze that was burning in a difficult-to-reach part of the Mohonk Preserve, west of Cragswood Road in New Paltz. (Photo courtesy of the New Paltz Fire Department)

The fire burning last week on the ridge in the Mohonk Preserve for two and a half days, now officially named the “Cragswood Road fire” by state forest rangers, was fully under control on Saturday, August 29. New Paltz Fire Cief Cory Wirthmann confirmed today that the fire was not set by any human being. A tree was found with evidence of being hit by lightning and Wirthmann said that there’s a high degree of certainty that this is where it all began.

4.6 acres were scorched while the fire burned in a part of the Mohonk Preserve “where anyone who isn’t a hiker has no business,” said Wirthmann. Firefighters had to bring all the equipment over difficult terrain and were assisted by aerial water dumps. No injuries or deaths were reported. Both Cragswood Road and the Spring Farm trailhead have been reopened.


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  1. Crag-nymph

    What the hell does “anyone who isn’t a hiker has no business” supposed to mean? The fire location is just downhill from a popular scramble on Bonticou visited by hundreds weekly?

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