Letter: Wearing a mask is the right thing

In response to a letter last week (August 26) titled “Face masks ineffective,” this is not true, and this attitude is one of the reasons why the United States has the highest rate of Covid 19 cases in the world. There are plenty of scientific articles that I could reference that verify the effectiveness of wearing masks, but I will try to explain this in three simple steps.

1. Masks greatly reduce the number of airborne particles from a sneeze, cough or talking.

2. Masks minimize the chance of infected people transmitting Covid-19, flu or cold germs to others.


3. Since the incubation period for Covid 19 is two to seven days, no one really knows if they are infected or not. So wear a mask!

Do I think masks are 100 percent effective? No, certainly not, especially if you were treating a Covid 19 patient, but for our normal day-to-day lives, it will greatly minimize the spread of Covid 19. It is not asking too much of us to wear a mask when we are in public places close to other people. Wearing a mask is something we do for others, not for ourselves. Mandated or not, wearing a mask is the right thing to do if we care about our fellow citizens. Please don’t make this a political issue.

Gary Bischoff

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    1. Bill H

      Funny that the letter writer’s last sentence is, “Please don’t make this a political issue,” and your first sentence is… well, never mind.

  1. Capt. Trips

    … And, the 1,200 folks at the RNC final night, on the People’s House Rose Garden. Including the final speaker…

  2. althea

    wearing masks has nothing to do with safety for anyone especially the wearer – breathing your own toxins and carbon dioxide stunts the immune system – look underneath the surface here people – see this for what it is – tyranny through fear-mongering

      1. wowjustwow

        No, she is correct. Masks reduce oxygen intake and compromise our immune systems. The CDC’s initial direction advised sick and elderly to wear a mask. Why we went from “flatten the curve” to destroying our economy is a question for the politicians. Funny how anyone who continued to collect a paycheck supports this nonsense.

  3. Bill H

    It is a wonder that so many people still maintain that masks are ineffective, or dangerous, and that we should refuse to wear them in public when we cannot keep a health distance. There is so much evidence to the contrary that it can only be that they choose not to believe it.

    Here is a helpful article for those that are still confused:

    Please wear masks in public when you cannot keep a safe distance from others. We would really appreciate it. Even if you wear the mask only to show others that you care, that would be great. And I will wear one to protect you. This won’t last forever.

    1. wowjustwow

      The masks that most people wear don’t do squat and are mostly symbolic (I will obey). I wear one in any establishment that demands it of me because I understand that Gov Cuomo will otherwise shut their doors.

  4. wowjustwow

    A lot of people have already had Covid and don’t even know it. It would be helpful if we could get immunity tests to see who’s had, and is now immune, to the virus. If you believe the nonsense that you can get re-infected, then don’t hold your breath for a vaccine because that’s precisely how they work.

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