Kingston man arrested; 10,000 bags of heroin and fentanyl seized

Timothy L. Schleede (inset) and the results of a search at two area locations. 

The Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team (URGENT) reports the arrest of Timothy L. Schleede, 29, of Kingston, after a narcotics investigation.

Earlier this month, URGENT began an investigation into the sale of heroin and fentanyl at hotels and motels in the Town of Ulster. As a result, Schleede was identified as a person of interest. Last week, according to police, Schleede was seen by members of URGENT engaging in several drug transactions at one of the hotels, including one to an undercover police officer. He was taken into custody shortly thereafter.


Following his arrest, a search warrant was executed on his hotel room, which resulted in the recovery of about 2,500 bags of heroin and fentanyl. An additional search warrant was executed at another location that resulted in the recovery of an additional 7,500 bags of heroin and fentanyl.

Schleede was arraigned in the Town of Ulster Court on the charge of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the First Degree (a felony) and remanded to the Ulster County Jail without bail after violating the terms of release for a previous pending case in the Town of Ulster. The investigation is continuing and additional charges are expected.

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  1. Fair and Equal Justice

    Good job. The number one thing we can do to eradicate gun crime in Kingston is a heavy and swift move to stop the drug trade. We all need to support our local and state police to get this garbage off the streets, out of the hands of our residents, and stop the violence.

    Kingston has so so much to offer and is a beautiful city that has many great opportunities coming its way, but as long as the cancer of drugs and guns pops up in town it holds every single one of us back.

    Drugs are drugs, opiods, heroin, they do the same ravage on the person and the community regardless of
    race or economic status — stopping these killers is essential and we must never stand in the way of our
    law enforcement to get this off the streets, and yes, the sellers off the streets permanently. It does not work any other way. Never has and never will.

    1. Bobby Burke

      I agree, that is why the need to legalize marijuana is so great. It will help those looking for pain relief, help addicts get off, stop the illegal marijauna trade, that is now a part of the larger illegal drug and opioid trades (Many dealers have a variety of party and addiction drugs, we can seperate pot from the harder side of drugs. Because, it does not belong there. Further reducing those who frequent these dangerous places. Cutting the illegal drug trade in half.), get weed off of and out of the street, and build a virtual bevy of small model businesses, as well as an abundance of taxable sales revenue, along with stopping the senseless incarceration, and the endless wasteful operational expenses of bothering the marijauna consumer. The latter, some experts say in the billions of dollars of saved and incurred federal monies. One such study said as much as $3,000,000,000 in both tax revenue, and savings from the ridiculous marijauna offence incarcerations, and all the exorbitant monies not spent and thus saved, on law enforcement and prosecutional operational expenses against marijauna use, each, for an estimated total of six billion dollars of federal money earned by legalizing marijauna. The state would also prosper from this capital.

      What’s not too like? Helping people, relaxing people, far more safety for the marijauna consumer, helping the fight against opiates, relieving pain, vision relief for several eye maladies, spasmatic relief from several debilitating neural diseases such as spinal damage, disease, and degragation, neuropathy, stenosis, fibro-myalga, and epilepsy, specifically in children, too name just a few, and making six billion plus of capital against the deficit each year, along with state sales tax revenue and savings.

      Legalize marijauna, NOW!

  2. Bill H

    Kudos to URGENT. This is at least the third huge bust this year that has taken large quantities of highly addicted drugs out of our community. The other half of the fight is investing more resources in helping people fight their addictions.

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