Lenape Lane bridge replacement project underway in New Paltz

Lenape Lane bridge in New Paltz. (Photo by Julie O’Connor)

The Mohonk Preserve is replacing the deteriorating, century-old Lenape Lane bridge across Butterville Road, a connection joining the historic Testimonial Gateway with farmland properties and providing recreational access to the surrounding Shawangunk Ridge. On July 27, a mowed-grass trail was created to provide alternate access across Butterville Road during construction. 

The bridge was closed the next day and the decking removed. The next steps will involve replacement of the bridge abutments and fabrication of the bridge truss, followed by installation of the completed truss. As specified by the town government, wooden posts with reflectors will be placed to maintain the current width and height restrictions on Butterville Road.


This project was supported by a state grant from the Environmental Protection Fund and donations from Preserve supporters. The Preserve anticipates that the bridge project will be completed in late November or early December.

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  1. FunkieGunkie

    Wasting taxpayer money again. The freebies this organization gets from the state is beyond amazing yet they pay zero in taxes acting as a holding company for the Mohonk Mountain House. What’s not mentioned in this article is the total cost of the project for a pedestrian bridge on a residential country road. I’m not sure why it would take 4-5 months for such a tiny bridge either. Obfuscation of facts is their Modus Operandi.

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