Letter: Next step, martial law?

Supercallousfragileracistsexistnazipotus and his camouflage Gestapo-tactics police force is the new stagecraft of a desperate man.  We are now witnessing Trump creating a false narrative that America is burning. So who are these “federal agent troops” anyway? His thugs? They are using tear gas on peaceful protesters, they beat up protesters and they throw other peaceful protesters in the back of unmarked vans.

Trump is attacking our very democracy when he postures as the tough guy, manufacturing chaos to play the law and order president. Lies and misinformation are this administration’s stock and trade. The DHS now has a Gestapo image because it’s acting like the authoritarian agent of a president who is enamored with despots and cruel dictators. This is a whole of government approach by our a-h*le muthafaker leader and now we must readjust and roll our eyes once more!

Neil Jarmel
West Hurley

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  1. Jim Raskoski

    To Mr. Neil Jarmel,
    I believe federal officers have a right, and an obligation, to defend federal property that is under attack. It’s in the Constitution. If you don’t believe the Federal Courthouse in Portland was under attack, please read the account by A.P. reporter Mike Balsamo concerning the events of 7/25/20. After that, please respond. Thankyou, Jim Raskoski

  2. Bill H

    Trump has longed for a personal police force of his own since he saw the awesome military parades of North Korea and those other despots. He first tried for his own U.S. military parade, but cooler heads prevailed. Then someone showed him that he could order around the DHS at the border and screwed that up badly. Now he has made his own semi-secret police force from multiple federal agencies that only he can order around the country. These are clear signs of despotism.

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