Mailbox vandalism is no joke

(Photo by Dion Oust)

Woodstock police are investigating the damage and destruction of around 60 mailboxes on Fourth of July weekend.

Police chief Clayton Keefe said the damage happened late July 4 into early July 5, mostly on Ohayo Mountain Road, but also on Yerry Hill Road and Glasco Turnpike. During that time, two parked vehicles were also damaged, he said.

“Out of all those mailboxes, it makes a heck of a noise, but we didn’t get any calls,” he said. It was only later, when people discovered dented and destroyed mailboxes, that they called.


Keefe thinks fireworks and other activity may have drowned out the noise.

Damage or destruction of mailboxes is a federal offense, but Keefe said officials usually leave it up to local police departments and courts to handle. The vandals, if found, will be charged with criminal mischief.

Police have made no arrests to date. Anyone who can provide information about the damage or security camera footage is encouraged to contact police dispatch at (845) 679-2422.