Letter: Talk is cheap

Supervisor McKenna says the Selina Hotel representatives are saying all the right things.  This in itself I find interesting.

Talk is cheap when it’s a big-time corporation going up against small municipal players, neighbors and a taxpayer forced to expend $25,000.00 in legal expense to gain compliance of this improperly permitted project.  Those Selina representatives who said they’d be in contact to discuss plans further haven’t been heard from by neighbors, this doesn’t bode well for building community confidence.  Selina’s recent public meeting appearances seemed to have been solely an effort toward gaining exemption and exception to proper process, rather than an effort of navigating the required planning process.  Selina also should have provided additional information timely when requested beginning March 2019.  Having read volumes of MDRA consultant reports generated already for this project I conservatively expect a very lengthy approval process.  Opinion is Selina hasn’t been diligent in navigating the site plan approval process over the past 16 months, which is required prior to continuing construction.  In fact, Selina hasn’t even posted the $50,000 escrow monies requested by the planning board nearly a year ago.

This new Selina operation will likely have higher occupancy rates and water usage rates than previous operations.  But there’s already talk of Selina not hooking into the municipal water system.  If the wells go dry and Selina drills deeper, what happens if the neighbors’ wells go dry?  Will Selina also back out of hooking into the town sewer system?  Understanding Selina has been at this over one year, has the lengthy legal process of connecting into the municipal systems even commenced?  Shouldn’t this be expected prior to approval?  I say use caution neighbors and do pay close attention.  Let your voice be heard before it’s too late, or you may just lose your voice.


About the Memorandum of Understanding, what’s up with that?  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Something stinks.

Marcel Nagele