Trump’s expecting my call

Donald J. Trump has selected me to join his Trump 100 Club. He says I’m in for a possible all-expenses paid trip to have my photo taken with him. He adds that “joining the Trump 100 Club is absolutely paramount to our success,” and that I would be one of 100 Patriots (note the capital P) offered such an honor.

The caveat? I have to make a contribution by 11:59 tonight.

“Is everything okay?” came the next day’s email. “President Trump asked if you were available to meet him at an upcoming event but we told him we hadn’t heard from you yet. You’ve always been one of our best supporters, and not entering just isn’t like you. The President is going to call us again soon for an update. Can we confirm your RSVP when he calls?”


All this because I answered an online survey thinking I’d mess it up. I attended the Trump rally in Albany before New York Primary Day 2016. I check in regularly on the Fox News websites.

I’ve been getting regular updates from Renewed Right, Pants On Fire News and Culture Watch News – including the trashing of traitor John Bolton’s book, predictions about a coming race war, the Demented Left’s attempts to rig the November election, and the ways in which Trump can defeat Biden by highlighting the former vice-president’s dementia. Product offers include a US-Israel pin and brand new-MAGA hats. You can get the KAG (Keep America Great) materials for about half the price of Make America Great Again paraphernalia.

I like a full picture of what’s happening. I pride myself for having studied history as well as literature. I want to see what’s at play from more than one side. I was going to write a piece like this before relegating these sites to the Spam file.

We’ll see what I get next.

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  1. wowjustwow

    The Hudson Valley has become so “blue” the last decade, what with all the wealthy NYC people moving up or buying second homes here, forcing out the working class and poor, all while hanging their BLM placards and signing petitions to tear down statues. They do such good for our community and always make it a better place by canceling out voices who disagree with their quest for equality. LOL

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