New Paltz police officer’s rap video leads to accusations of transphobia 

A short video showing New Paltz police officer Robert Sisco rapping in his car posted and shared publicly this week has led to complaints that the officer is transphobic and should be removed from the force. The rap includes the lyrics: “There’s only two genders and Trump’s still your president / Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”

The full lyrics (with profanity) are:

Hey, hi, hello, this is officer Bob

Last name Sisco, first name Rob

I’m a man of many talents so many talents in fact

I know you’re thinking that I’m black so of course I can rap

Well that’s partially true and the truth does hurt

No I’m not Will Smith so fuck I’m gonna curse

Spit facts over feelings because you’re feelings are irrelevant

There’s only two genders and Trump’s still your president

Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina

This whole coronavirus was sent here from China

Hillary is Killary we all know the reason

Where those emails at? We should hang her for treason

I try to keep calm cause it’s good for my health

But we all know Epstein didn’t kill himself

Just because I’m a cop it doesn’t mean that I’m bad

Every day I go to work and I put on a badge

But I’d rather use my words than resorting to violence 

Cause I’d rather talk to y’all than a blue wall of silence

I grew up in the hood, I’m a Newburgh G

I might be 5-O, I’m still the same old me

And we all bleed red, whether white, black or brown

But we need to get together and shut this shit down

Stop lootin’, stop shootin’, stop fires and threats 

It only takes two people I’m first so who’s next?

Here’s the official statement on the video from the town:

The Town Board, as Police Commission, has received many complaints and has seen the officer’s video.

We are so sorry that the trust of many in our community has been broken and that their safety feels threatened. No one in our town should have to feel that way about our police.

The New Paltz Police has initiated an internal investigation and will be working closely with the Police Commission to explore and direct responsive action in this matter.  We are all committed to repairing trust with our New Paltz transgender and LGBTQ+ community members.

In the meantime, the officer has been placed on administrative leave, according to the town.


The issue is likely to come up this Thursday, when the town board and police chief host an online town hall on policing. It will begin at 6:30 p.m. at this link:


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    1. Todd Wiedenkeller

      Excuse me. Where In officer Sisco’s Rap Is there a reference to transgender people? There is none. Todays Daily Freeman articles states officer Sisco’s rap is “ disparaging transgender
      people”. The New Paltz Town Board Facebook post apologizing for “Trust broken … their safety feels threatened “ . Whose trust and safety is threatened? There is no reference in officer Sisco’s rap to Gays, Lesbians or transgenders people. “ Boys have a penis and girls have a
      vagina”. Thats a fact. And we live in America,
      a free country where a if person want to change their anatomy and gender they can. The New Paltz Town Board is trying to connect the dots. The dots don’t connect. Mr Sisco did not disparage any gender. Do Not fire Officer Sisco from the New Paltz Police Department for expressing his thoughts. If he did it during work just tell him not to do it again. Expressing his thoughts are his First Amendment rights. Just as New School Board members express their First Amendment rights by not standing for the pledge of allegiance, and the New Paltz Planning Board, took a vote to not even bother to say the pledge. As one board member stated,
      “it is a waste of time”. Their First Amendment rights. If the New Paltz Town Board wants to apologize to anyone, apologize to the 8 trash hauler businesses, and their families whose economic and civil liberties you crushed when you kicked them out of doing business in the Village and Town of New Paltz last January. Apologize to the thousands of New Paltz families whose freedom of choice you violated when you told them, if they didn’t like the trash hauler the Town Board selected, they could take their own trash to the dump. How is It the New Paltz School Board and Town Planning Board members can exercise their First Amendment rights and freedom of speech, but a black police officer can’t? I thought black lives matters in New Paltz? Or are there more dots we need to try and connect? Officer Sisco said nothing derogatory about any race, nationality or person of sexual orientation. In fact he said, he” choose words over violence“ and that he would be the “first one in”. And I believe he would be. Don’t be cowards Town of New Paltz Board. Do not fire officer Rob Sisco. He’s a good man, and a talented man. Do the right thing.

  1. Andrew J Potter


  2. Cat

    That officer was expressing his opinions and his truth. The only reason he’s being called for termination is because the snowflakes can’t handle anything that differs from their agenda. He has as much right to free speech as anybody else. And I heard nothing that made him transfer back or spewing hate. They hear what they wanna hear and the problem is, is that everybody bows to them like spoiled children

    1. Surrealgodfather

      You mean other than hanging the former Secretary of State for treason, right? Oh, and that China “sent” the virus. And “shut this shit down” I’m sure he means that in a totally nonviolent way. Give me a break, you agree with him, so you ignore a call to kill.

    2. Truth & Justice

      That’s not free speech.
      I guess, Cat, if he rapped about raping you and your daughter you’d still be cool with it.

  3. s

    you need to change the headline folks. accusations? lol. here:

    New Paltz police officer’s transphobic rap video lands him on administrative leave

  4. Juststopit

    Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. It’s a true fact, like it or not. Nothing threatening about that statement whatsoever, but some will play the victim over it. Where does this nonsense end? When will this town/village board start working for all the of New Paltz and stop the pandering to these select groups? How much more finger pointing and firing? The entire population of New Paltz has to be consumed by the demands of a few. Time for an entire change of regime at the helm, it’s gotten to be an embarrassment to have this zip code.

  5. Andrew kutchma

    Cop has too much time on his hands, getting paid while doing this is a problem. The officer sees his behavior as acceptable. Taxpayers and business owners should view this as disservice . Police should not make any political statement or share any personal viewpoints, otherwise they become prejudice in their actions. Using the uniform in any display as such as the officer is surely frowned upon

    1. Killary

      It is called first amendment buddy. He did not breach any rules of conduct within contract. Good luck with your movement, try calling 911 when you need it the most, nobody is gonna come save you.

      1. Everyone in this comment section is retarded

        It’s his first amendment right to make a rap that further divides an already divided nation. He achieved nothing by doing this. That cop is 0 IQ

      2. Coming For YOU!

        No, it isn’t
        It’s called threatening a large segment of the population.
        You can’t handle it because your kind are just as ignorant as this soon to be fired loser.
        Your profile name proves your stupidity.
        And get ready — we’re busting the Union — Talk about “special interest groups that can’t handle the truth” — that’s the corrupt, racist POLCIE UNION.
        BYE BENCH.

    2. Master C

      How do you know he wasnt on lunch break? And how would you like to get fired for taking a breather for about 90 seconds???

  6. Chris G

    Preach on brother! Melt them snow flakes with the truth. its a shame we cant express our own opinion as a conservative without facing bullshit backlash from uber-sensitive liberals that have to impose their will on everyone.

    1. No More Masculine BS

      You’re the snowflake you pathetic loser.
      You can’t handle the truth.
      But it is COMING FOR YOU!

  7. Chris G

    Also, whats trans-phobic about this? All he said was the truth, boys have a penis, girls have a vagina, anything else is personal choice. Some people need to lighten up and understand its ok for someone to not have the same opinion as they do, and thats OK.

  8. Chris G

    You hit the nail on the head there Killary! Andrew sounds like a guy who says “F*^K the police” but would be the first one to call in a moment of distress.

  9. SteveInNP

    “…without facing bullshit backlash from uber-sensitive liberals”

    What would be really helpful is if we could stop painting large swaths of the population as being “the problem” as opposed to correctly identifying the small extreme fringes on either side. I’m definitely not a conservative, and am pretty liberal on most topics, but I take zero issue with anything this officer said, including the comments on gender. There’s nothing inherently transphobic about stating FACTS with regards to biological gender.

    If someone wants to change their physical gender, they should be entirely free to do so and it’s none of my, or anyone else’s, GD business. But they don’t get to redefine biology for the entire species to suit their personal preferences.

    I’m every bit as tired of people like that as I am about tattoo’d up dirt bags who need to assault society’s ears with their straight pipe Harleys and their gargantuan coal rolling pickups sporting “Hillary for Prison” bumper stickers as their means of compensating for god only knows what tragedy befell them in their childhood.

    How about we all just try being decent human beings for a change?

    1. Killary

      … but to have tattoo’s, loud exhaust, roll coal, owning pickups with bumper stickers is a choice and well within first amendment rights…just saying lol.

      1. SteveInNP

        “but to have tattoo’s, loud exhaust, roll coal, owning pickups with bumper stickers is a choice and well within first amendment rights…just saying lol.”

        A perfect example of the problem: ignorance. Proud, in your face, ignorance.

        There are decibel limits placed on vehicles to protect hearing and not be a public nuisance. There are emission requirements, again, to protect public health and not pollute the environment.

        These are laws and ordinances. Violating these is not in one’s first amendment rights. How is the utter ignorance you’ve displayed here any different from someone claiming there are more than two genders? As much as I disagree with it in general, there’s more to support the latter than the clear cut case of violating noise ordinances and emissions standards not being granted under the first amendment.

        This is why I’ve largely given up on American and similar societies around the world. Dunning Kruger effect. Look it up, you’re a perfect example.

          1. SteveInNP

            I rest my case. No cure for ignorance.

            And don’t go off all giddy in the idea you made my nipples hurt. You haven’t.

  10. Chris G

    I’ll stop painting liberals as one large swath as soon as liberals stop painting all cops and conservatives as one large swath. I’m all about being a decent human being, however, most liberals I have a discussion with, can’t simply “agree to disagree” and they just keep digging and digging like some relentless, brainwashed robot who can’t accept that a critical thinker has derived their own opinion that doesn’t align with the views and opinions portrayed on the evening news. Even when presented with facts they still balk and say its not true. How do you reason with someone who won’t listen to reason?

    1. SteveInNP

      “Even when presented with facts they still balk and say its not true. How do you reason with someone who won’t listen to reason?”

      Are you suggesting the exact same thing doesn’t occur with conservatives? And if you are, aren’t you doing exactly what you’re criticizing the other side for? If you admit conservatives can be similarly pig headed in the face of facts, then wouldn’t liberals have every bit the same argument for painting conservatives in a swath as you are them?

      Is being a hypocrite part of being a decent human being in your book?

  11. kMarie

    One of the sweetest police officers I’ve ever met expressing his opinion like everyone else does, I don’t see an issue everyone has there panties to far up in a bunch leave him alone.

  12. voz de la razón

    Yeah the rap is hella transphobic but also, like, not good at all – Did a nazi in a fish’s body write this for him?

    Separate note: why does everyone who says “facts over feelings” seem to be extremely feelings-driven and facts-averse? Calling for the execution of a political figure hardly seems rational to me. I wouldn’t want this guy anywhere near a gun.

    1. Killary

      He is the most qualified person to own a firearm and has an FFL SOT to prove it which is very difficult to acquire in NYS. Not to mention the countless hours of training. And that is a FACT.

  13. Peter Piper

    Typical New Paltz I am telling you this world has gone completely to crap nobody has a sense of humor anymore everybody gets offended I don’t get it sensitive everyone is so sensitive knock your crap off in my times we use that ring each other out all the time nobody got offended over it grow up this is your typical every every kid gets a trophy generation your all a bunch of *ussies

      1. SteveInNP

        Ahhh look, another ignorant Trump supporter spewing irrelevant and barely coherent words, convinced he’s scoring points in a game he doesn’t realize he’s the only one playing.

        Can’t fix stupid.

    1. Surrealgodfather

      You know when it all changed? It has nothing to do with trophies. It is when politicians started ignoring the rules. When certain people decided to block everything that the other side does regardless of merit. When National figures realized how much easier it is to control us when we hate & distrust each other more than anything else. Most of us get called more names on social media than we did in middle school. And call them too. People need to realize that successful change happens when the changes are good for all of us. As long as we hate each other, things will stay as dysfunctional as they are now. If we unite we are less susceptible to being manipulated by those with all the power.

      1. Swinquel-Dinkle-Hiemer

        Divide and conquer. If we keep labeling each other, then, we will never change or stop prejudices and racisim, and will stay prisoners of oppresion, of our own creation. Why, we divide ourselves in every way, everyday, and the internet lies, especially social shaming is amplifying this horrible breach of humanity. Rember in the “futeristic” (Showing my age) novel “1984”, the oppressive facist law called; “Big Brother” , who heard and saw everything, governing and dictating everyones life, well the internet with it’s, just totally awful and useless (other than governing powers control), social shaming is that “Big Brother”. We divide and label ourselves with useless labels not unlike race, (institutionalized, useless) religions and personal spirituality, vegitarian, meat eater, skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, groups, clubs, associations, and on, and on, and on, ad nauseam. And, of course, whichever one you belong in, is the “right one” or “only way”, and everyone else’s are wrong. Your “labels”, are the best! The corporate controllers, love it, and use everything too facilitate, and advance these labels of division. We are equal. STOP LABELING YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER!

  14. Frankie p

    He’s telling the truth. I dont see anything wrong with anything he said. This man puts his life on the line every single day to protect the community. If you listen to the words he’s promoting peace you idiots. “Stop looting stop shootin stop fires and threats” what happened to freedom of speech! IN FACT I AM A CONVICTED FELON WHO JUST LAST JULY FINISHED SERVING A 12YR SENTENCE. I HAVE SEEN FIRSTHAND CORRUPT POLICE AND CORRECTIONS OFFICERS. I HAVE SEEN THEM DO HORRIBLE THINGS. I DONT KNOW THIS OFFICER FROM A HOLE IN THE WALL BUT THIS GUY SISCO IS A SAINT. REINSTATE SISCO!!! HEY OFFICER BOB IM NEXT!!! STOP LOOTIN STOP SHOOTIN

  15. Surrealgodfather

    Well, Officer Rob, I don’t have your “rapping talent“ but I will give you some facts:
    *your feelings are as irrelevant as ours
    *there are more than two genders recognized by people going back thousands of years.
    *Hillary is the former First Lady, NY Senator & Secretary of State. She has never been indicted or convicted of anything. Your opinion means nothing.
    *China didn’t “send” COVID, viruses spread, that is how they work.
    *Epstein is dead, no loss, but the investigation will tell us how.
    *Trump will only be President until November 3,2020. Just hearing President Joe Biden turns you into a snowflake.
    *How did you get your friends on this site? Every other site agrees you should lose your job. Maybe all the comments come from one guy.

  16. Freda

    This officer needs immediate training on what being a transgender person means. parents of trans children should help with that. but I saw on another site that this officer has also been very rude to women and flirted with them too, both on the job. would you trust him if it were you and him alone? Seems like his feelings are deep rooted and that is a problem being a cop. I didn’t care what he said about hilary or trump – that is not an issue. Remember, his WAS IN UNIFORM when he made this video – that alone is not good. Bad use of work time.

    1. Master C

      He never said transgenders dont have a penis or vagina, he just said boys have a penis and woman have a vagina. Obviously either your born a boy or now a boy you have a penis and vice versa.

    2. Master C

      The video was like not even 2 minutes….do you want to lose your job because you wanted to breath fresh air for 2 minutes? How do you know he wasnt on lunch break?

  17. Master C

    What ever happened to Black Lives Matters? I mean, Jesus Im all for protecting the rights of the LBG community, but this was straight out selfish and now a black man lost his job.

  18. Ann

    Yes, he could have probably avoid the comments about boys and girls, but what about our first amendments which says free speech. If your offended, don’t listen that is why I don’t listen to rap. There is more fowl language by rappers today that we are exposed to by young people who blast their speakers in the trunk of their cars that I do not care to listen too. Maybe, it is more because he is right on about our world today and a Trump supporter that bothers you. I have no issues with the LGBT community, most of them really just want to be left alone. Officer Sisco should not be discriminated or let go because of protestors who want to make an issue out of nothing, or state they are afraid for theirs lives. Has Officer Sisco ever been written-up for public abuse. Don’t ruin this officer’s live for a stand.

  19. Kay Kay

    I didn’t hear anything in his rap that was offensive. He didn’t use any racial slurs towards the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, cops are murdering black men and women in uniform are you serious! You absolutely and shall not ruin this man’s life for saying something positive as a man of color on Juneteenth about what’s going on, especially the riots. He’s talking to everyone, no one was excluded and he wasn’t being offensive in any way.

  20. Martin

    Everyone’s focused on the girls/boys thing, but really, the bigger problem is his references to hanging Clinton for treason.

    Would Democratic supporters be treated fairly by him in a dispute, or would his distaste for “Killary” influence how he interacts with the public?

    Does he understand that people have to be indicted, tried, and convicted before they are executed?

    That’s the issue. Police don’t work for the red or blue voters. They work for everyone.

    It reflects very poorly on any police force to have an officer trolling at least half the residents in the area.

    1. Master C

      Its different rules for different folks. With Killery’s wiping of hard drives after a subpoena either you or I would get 7 years for obstruction of justice for the same crime. She got nothing. I cant speak for what the officer was thinking because I havent had a chance to ask, but its a rap song and your expressing your feelings, it in no way demonstrates you condone bypassing proper due process or that your for capital punishment.

      Its a cultural thing most people dont understand when it comes to rap and free expression of other kinds, you cant take everything literally its just expression. It doesnt mean someone wouldnt perform their duties in a professional setting fairly with those of different political leanings.

      This is just a combination of extreme intolerance to actually want to destroy the life of an officer’s career over expressing himself. We are turning into China.

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