My real-estate business went from an easy stroll to warp speed in the blink of an eye. It’s an adjustment. The anticipated crowds of people longing for some views, some space, and a bit of distance from the world’s craziness is even bigger than expected.

I took a moment to breathe today.

I was showing a gorgeous old house near where I live. The young buyers and I were all wearing masks. But when we got down to the waterfront, and they went to explore the shoreline, I took off my mask and I just breathed.

It was a hot, clear summer day. The corn in the neighboring field is just starting to come up. And on the breeze was a smell I remember from my childhood summers in the country. It isn’t any one scent – it is the smell of earth, of wildflowers. It is the smell of the country.


It’s one of the reasons I longed to move out here. And I was tempted to tell them – to urge them to take off their masks while they were far away from anyone else, and just breathe.

But I didn’t. They’ll figure it out themselves.

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