Kingston “Walk for Black Lives” march and rally draws over 1,500

Over 1,500 participated in a “Walk for Black Lives” march and rally yesterday organized by Citizen Action of New York. The event began at Academy Green, where speakers addressed the crowd, followed by a march down Broadway and back. Photos by Dion Ogust.









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  1. LG

    Just an observation but almost everyone in these pictures is white. There are only one or two black faces and they are in the background and hard to find. There was a very diverse crowd at the march and it would be nice to see that represented, especially considering who this march was in support of in the first place. I am sure this wasn’t intentional but it is something to think about.

  2. Victor E. OfThePeople

    It’s 2 PM in the afternoon, doesn’t anyone in this crowd have a job they need to be at?

  3. LF

    Yes, I noticed that there were 5 pictures of white people. Most of the people there were black and it was a Black Lives Matter event. I appreciated you covering it, but really?!?! Colorblind much Hudson Valley Times? I emailed you, you could correct it, yet you haven’t.

  4. ADA

    The event began at 5pm although the park was filling up by 4:30pm.
    Most people there were not people of color.
    It would be nice to see pictures of the broad spectrum of participants.

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