Masked feelings

I’m seeing my family tomorrow. It was their idea. I’m delighted.  I’m also concerned.

We are all healthy and we’ve all been careful, but some of us have been around more people than others, and my granddaughters are both under three years old.

That’s scary.

I could say no, but I do not want to. So I have to think about how to say yes without being stupid.


I’ll keep my distance from my kids. But there’s no way to stand apart from my granddaughters. They don’t understand, and they shouldn’t have to.

So I’ll be making a game of the mask, and wear it when they want to cuddle. I’m hoping they’ll think it’s fun, and wear theirs, too. If they don’t, we won’t be cuddling much.

I’m not afraid for me. I’m afraid for them, and for their parents. I cannot imagine how I’d live if I was responsible for making them sick, perhaps seriously sick.

File that under things I didn’t used to have to worry about.

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