No need to be careful?

I might be a bit angry.

I am a peace-loving person most of the time. I am, I suspect, what’s known as conflict-avoidant.

But I’ll admit this pandemic is making me touchy.

I go to the grocery store once every two weeks. I have a list, I follow it, I wear a mask and I’m vigilant about taking precautions, My heart goes out to the people working there. There are way too many people in that store without masks. People pushing carts, bumping against other people. People acting as though nothing is going on, like there’s no need to be careful.

I can’t avoid social media. I have to post updates there on the virus for my job. Shortly after posting summaries of the governor’s daily press conferences, the comments start appearing.


“I hate him,” one writes.

“Welcome to the communist state,” says another.

“You can’t believe a word he says,” concludes a third.

Protesters gather, demanding to be allowed to get their hair cut, see their friends, go back to work. And then more positive virus cases are announced.

It’s discouraging.

There’s a convenience store in our town. I don’t go, but my partner does. He is, unfortunately, a smoker. Even a pandemic hasn’t managed to kill that addiction.

“There was a sign on the door asking anyone who comes in to wear a mask and maintain social distancing,” he said. “Not one of them did.”

I’m not too sure about our species sometimes.

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  1. Hudson Valley Too

    I asked a stranger yesterday: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

    His reply was that he had just gotten out of jail! “Yes.”
    He was wearing a white undershirt with no sleeves, smoking a butt, and wearing full jailhouse-tats’.

    All the folks with obsessive-compulsive-disorder can now blend. They probably always wanted to wear face-masks when they were washing their hands anyways.

  2. Pooja Dixit

    Absolutely agree with your article. My feelings exactly! People don’t become sensitive unless someone close to them gets affected. They remain selfish until it’s their turn.

    1. Josie Wales

      You and the author are totally ridiculous. This is an faux crisis. The numbers are padded. You have a 99.97 % chance of not getting the rona. Even more ridiculous are those who wear masks outside. Where the heck do they go to get some fresh air?. Grow up people life is full of risks. You have better odds of being in a car crash or are you too scared to drive too!! You guys can hide out and the rest of us will live our lives.

  3. Jenny

    This Pandemic is a joke. The models were completely wrong, the CDC is pressuring doctors to fill out all deaths as Covid19. Epidemiologists are saying this is no more deadly than the flu. The media should be held liable for spreading panic and destroying our economy over nothing. The constitution has been trampled over “medical Marshall law” to keep us “safe” when it’s really control over the citizens. Wake up.

    1. Christopher

      You’re unfortunately completely miss informed. Perhaps try a news source that isn’t Fox news. Or perhaps take the president’s advice and inject some disinfectant and help speed up the end of the Corona virus.

      1. Dr. Swing

        I can show you over one million families…
        … And counting, that would greatly disagree with, as well as, be appalled with your ignorant factless diatribe, there, Jenny… Wake up and grow up!

  4. Captain Trips

    Today, I heard on the local radio station, the DJ do a segment info. short. He talked of a poll asking how long can you go, being under the “stay home” covid 19 protocol, before you flipped out, along with a few other questions. The average response was; “By the end of June, if not lifted, they would, in fact; “Go nuts”‘. Some said they already are flipping. He, continued, stating that this seemed to be more prevelant with the 18-25 year old age group. Then added, that, this pandemic shut down, is hardest on them, as they want to be out, and in general want to be close, like “touching close”, with their friends. Awwww poor babies, maybe we can find them a binky.

    When America, and it’s allies, democracy, and freedom of mankind was attacked by a meglamaniacal, narcissistic, fascist murderer and a monster, along with his partner at war, in the Far East, 8 decades ago; The 18-25 year old’s stood up, became “Men & Women” (real quick), sacrificed life and limb, and volunteered, that is correct, volunteered to face death and to free the world of this threat to mankind, and our way of life. They liberated Europe, and defeated the Japanese enemy of war, against all odds, using good old American grit, heart, toughness, and fortitude, with a dose of unwavering patriotic pride, becoming “The Greatest Generation”. I thank the few that remain, of these brave unselfish Men and Women, and Salute, with humble appreciation, and from the bottom of my heart, the many who have departedus and this world. Agreed, wake up, Jenny, and all these whining, immature, disrepectful young ‘mammy-pant’s’ adults, you all disgust me. When America, and the world, needs you to, maybe, mature a little, cut yor mama’s purse-strings, have a heart, think of others, more than yourself, show some respect towards others, and for God’s sake grow up just a little, all of you seemingly, can only just think of yourselves, along with your whacked out, warped and programed silly belief’s. Most of you can only spew nonsense and hate, hate, hate. Take a good look in the your heart, follow these protocols, be precautious, not for you necessarily, but maybe that other person, who’s makeup is different than you, or compromised, along with their family, friend’s, and loved ones, that may take seriously ill or die from covid19. Before we can find the answers, we need time. How do we create “time”? We wear masks when in public, following, at least 6′ social distance at all times, wash and sanitize our hands and surfaces, often, keep from touching your face, and please, for all of us, stay home.

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