Kingston mayor asks city landlords to freeze rent hikes

Mayor Steve Noble. (photo by Phyllis McCabe)

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, Mayor Steve Noble is asking City of Kingston landlords to keep rents where they are and let tenants slide on paying rent if need be.

“I am calling on Kingston landlords to freeze all rent hikes, and I encourage all landlords to have flexibility with your tenants during this difficult time,” Noble stated in a press release issued March 19. “Many Kingstonians are having their livelihoods disrupted by this crisis, so I call on your assistance to help our fellow community members as they may have difficulty paying rent and I hope that you will consider delaying rent payments for those negatively impacted.

“In addition, Governor Cuomo announced that mortgage payments can be delayed up to 90 days based on financial hardship. This means that landlords who have a mortgage will be able to pass that financial support to their tenants who are out of work.”


While Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced March 19 that mortgage payments for New York State borrowers would be waived for 90 days, he made no mention of those who rent their homes; many Kingston renters have expressed on social media anxiety over having to pay rent when their incomes have been slashed or dried up completely.


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  1. Burt

    Thank you for your strong leadership in this trying time! Landlords, we know you require our rent to ensure your own economic stability, but please consider compassion and kindness in the next weeks. We are all struggling, and rent is the majority of American’s highest monthly cost. We can figure this out together!

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