Kingston mayor declares emergency, forbids large gatherings in city

Mayor Steve Noble. (Photo by Phyllis McCabe)

Mayor Steve Noble declared a state of emergency in Kingston on Friday, March 13 in response to the spread of novel coronavirus. The declaration calls for cutbacks in some city services, limited public access to City Hall and the closure of recreation centers and other programming.

Noble’s announcement came immediately after County Executive Pat Ryan announced a two-week shutdown for all Ulster County schools. In a press release, Noble outlined changes in city government operations. They include:

  • Restrictions on work related travel for city employees including the cancellation of all conferences and workshops.
  • Suspension of all parks and recreation programming
  • Postponement of nonessential meetings. The Common Council will continue to meet, but all other city board and commission meetings will be cancelled
  • The Everette Hodge and Rondout neighborhood centers will be closed for afterschool programming for the duration of the school shutdown

In addition, Noble said it was imperative that no large gatherings be held in the city. In accordance with state recommendations, restaurants and other businesses with capacity under 500 will be required to cut capacity by 50 percent. The new rule makes exceptions for grocery and retail stores, hospitals, public buildings and mass transit where people do not maintain close contact.


The public is also asked to stay away from city government facilities and whenever possible conduct business with city departments by phone or online. Offices of the City Clerk, Comptroller and Building Safety will remain open for in-person visits by special appointment only. Customers of the Kingston Water Department are asked to make bill payments and deliver water samples by means of the pneumatic tube located in front of the department’s offices adjacent to City Hall. The water department will also limit all service work to emergency calls to minimize home visits by department staff. Those seeking visits by city workers to their homes are asked to notify the city if anyone at the home is ill, so workers can take proper precautions.

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  1. Padraigh Bomi

    Well this is very funny! Here in New Paltz for the last two nights, our bars have been packed to the gills!

    People pretty much standing right on top of one another, sneezing and coughing on one another, I’m sure, as drink themselves to an alcohol-induced delusion of invincibility.

    Keep up the good work people of New Paltz and Ulster County – you make our nation proud!

    1. Charlie

      What specifically is your complaint with Mayor Noble? Everyone seems to have a complaint but no solutions. Every municipality has its highs and lows and I think that Kingston is on its way up.

    2. Blake

      Total disagree. I think Mayor Noble is doing a fantastic job of trying to make a city function. If your biggest complaints are things like the roadwork, I can understand that, but otherwise, what do you dislike about his mayorship?

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