UPAC presents Lewis Black in Kingston

The Grammy Award-winning comedian Lewis Black brings his 2020 “It Gets Better Every Day” tour to the Ulster Performing Arts Center in Kingston on Saturday, February 22. Explains Black, “When I say, ‘It gets better every day,’ you might be wondering, ‘Is he being facetious?’ Come to the show and find out. Or stay home and wallow in your sadness.” Widely regarded as the king of the intemperate rant, Black’s trademark style involves yelling and animated finger-pointing, skewering anything and anyone that gets under his skin. While his segments on The Daily Show may have sparked his fame, Black has been a respected industry insider as a writer and a performer for decades. Ticket prices start at $48. Members get $5 off.

Lewis Black
Saturday, Feb. 22, 8 p.m.
Ulster Performing Arts Center
601 Broadway, Kingston
(845) 339-6088