Letter: Look out for civil service rules manipulation in Kingston

Mrs. Noble is more than likely going to be appointed on what is called a “provisional” basis. Having worked in human resources for New York State, I know that Mrs. Noble could very well sit in this provisional status for years before a civil service exam is scheduled. There are many ways to play games with getting someone permanently appointed from a provisional status. I have seen it done. I would be curious to know if Mrs. Noble’s current position was reclassified (title changed) or if this is truly a brand spanking new position. Makes a huge difference.

I have included a link to the New York State Dept. of Civil Service’s Rules and Regulations for Appointments and Promotions — https://bit.ly/2SCesjf — Section 4, If anyone has the inclination to dig and do the research on this position. Remember the Freedom of Information Act applies.

Since I fortunately do not reside in the City of Kingston, “I do not have a dog in this fight,” but in general, I have disdain for the way political officials manipulate the rules to suit their needs, no matter what district you live in.


Leslie Lansing
Town of Ulster

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  1. Pamela Lindsay

    The Mayor”s wife is no different than anybody else. I know that the position that he wants to give her, does include a test and it should be open to everyone and not given to anyone just because who you are married too. Lets be fair about this.

  2. Ismail Shabazz

    Is it ethical? In fairness other should be able to apply for the position to make it fair. If she is the best person for the job all is ok.

  3. Civil

    Spot on Leslie. How many titles have been crafted for Julie and sick time cash out Stevie over the years. The more telling part will be the qualifications to take the test. My money is on no person with the Obama “52 states” will qualify other than the “wife.” Should I be wrong there is always the LOCAL LIST….see fire department personnel who never lived close to the City of Kingston but were hired off the local list…

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