Coyote hunt offers thousands of dollars in prizes 

The Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs of Sullivan County will hold its 2020 Coyote Hunt Feb. 7-9. The hunt covers the entire state of New York, plus six Pennsylvania counties (see link at the end of story for details). The following prizes will be awarded:

  • $2,000 Grand Prize for the heaviest coyote 
  • $500 Second Place for the second heaviest coyote 
  • $250 Third Place for the third heaviest coyote 
  • $200 Daily Prize for the heaviest coyote weighed in on each day of the three-day hunt.
  • $100 Prize to the youth (12-15 years old) who gets the heaviest coyote 
  • $100 Prize to the female hunter who gets the heaviest coyote 

In addition, $80 will be awarded for each coyote weighed. 

Registration is $35 if received by Jan. 24, or $40 if by Feb. 5 (postmarked by Feb. 1). s


Why would a group want to organize such a hunt? Because coyotes are held in very low-esteem by pretty much everyone, aren’t native to the northeast and their numbers seem to be increasing. White-tailed deer hunters hate them because they prey on fawns, and reports of coyotes attacking and killing pets have been on the rise in recent years.

“We have a coyote problem,” club president Jack Danchak told New York Upstate. “Their population is exploding.”

Here are the details on the contest

For more on the long history of coyotes, including their role in mythology, the attempt to exterminate them, and how a scrawny desert scavenger colonized the northeast, check out our article, The wolf-like coyote in our backyard.

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  1. Christopher Spatz, traditional bow hunter

    Good day,

    Coyote killing contests violate Tenet 2 of the North American Model of Wildlfie Conservation – the Bible of state game agency hunting management – prohibiting commercial hunting and the sale of wildlife.

    Tenet 7 of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation states that “sound science is essential to managing and sustaining North America’s wildlife…” Please provide peer-reviewed research by the New York State Department of Envirnomental Protection demonstrating that, “We have a coyote problem,” that, “their population is exploding.”

    With compliments,

  2. Top Of The Food-Chain

    Reintroduce the Mexican wolf to crossbreed with a dog to produce a temperamental but loyal guardian of animals, including deer from bow-hunters.
    With the wolf reintroduced, they will kill the coyotes who now feed on red-fox without check. Then, if anybody announces a coyote hunt, shoot ’em.

  3. Penny Decker

    Other countries call us barbaric and I think this article typifies the selfish and ruthlessness seen as barbaric. It’s just too off the cuff about killing for the sake of merciless killing. To say that Eastern Coyotes are not native seems inaccurate – the species is new in our area. However it evolved from a native species already extirpated from our region and fills an ecological niche. The species is native to the North American Continent. They are beautiful and intelligent creatures, trying to cohabitate with humans, the most invasive and overpopulated species on our planet. I would expect more of an article on this subject, more accurate history and more creative ideas. Why should I pay to read this?

    1. Editor

      We have written a few articles on the Eastern Coyote, at least one of them quite lengthy: It’s not specifically about hunting though. I understand what you’re saying, but not all of our articles seek to be a comprehensive treatment of a subject. Sometimes we are just giving readers a heads up about an event. And you do not need to pay to read them.

    2. BS

      Well, maybe so that, you then can state your intelligent rebuttal in the comment section, that then, may inspire discussion. Without those who would use intelligent, peaceful, and diverse discussion, especially against the atrocities of this world, well then all would be lost. For truly,
      free communication is our strongest antidote, against those; who seek too divide, silence, and conquer, staying all our liberties and livelihood.

  4. Frank Spinelli

    Deer strikes by automobiles occur every eight minutes in N.Y. state and kill upwards of 225 New Yorkers each year. Why kill one of their predators?

    1. Juan Valdez

      That’s 225 new yorkers who didn’t slow down to drive for the conditions of the road. Deer were here long before the automobile. Good riddance to drivers who plow into a deer because they are on the cell-phone, drunk or stupid.
      As to the coyote, it’s the ones bringing illegal-aliens across the U.S. border that concern me more than the four legged kind.

  5. Bill H

    We think they are beautiful. We love hearing the local pack yip and howl at night. And we have a good collection of amazing photos of them from our wildlife cameras. But we are aware that the coyotes’ purpose is not to provide anything to us. That would certainly include trophy hunting and tournaments for cash prizes. Let them live and try to make a life just like the rest of the animal kingdom. They pose nearly no threat except to someone’s chickens. And even then, that is no justification for indiscriminate slaughter for prizes. Learn to live with them and kill only for necessity.

  6. Wile' E. Coyote

    Maybe they could do the next one, too hunt, one of our most useless predators of our personal properties, the North Eastern Politician. Now, there is a predator, that has no redeeming value, and just takes, takes, and takes, only caring for their partisan pack’s. They could do a firearm free hunt and hog-tie, apple in mouth event. Then once all round up, a huge feast, so they can all eat crow. Now, that I might just watch?

  7. L.E.O.

    those who kill for sport make me ashamed and disgusted. they fail to see the similarity between themselves and the hunted animal.

    Shame on Hudson Valley One and shame on the author for promoting this barbaric event.

  8. BrandanB

    As a hunter I agree with all of these comments. If you are not going to eat it, don’t kill it. They are a part of the ecosystem and have more right to kill deer than humans. This has nothing to do with defending life or property. The only group of people that should be stating that the coyote population is “exploding” or a problem is the NYS DEC. I remember not to long ago it was the white tail deer population that was out of control (too many). But again I prefer scientific proof instead of some ignorant ramblings from some redneck that maybe saw a dog-like wolf in his back yard and feels that we need to annihilate a species as if the deer were put on this planet for humans only. Those who kill for the sport or thrill are the lowest form of coward we have on the planet. I think Joelle may be on to something.

  9. Stephen Wilder

    My God! We need more predators, not less. The surfeit of deer is destroying the ecosystem! And it is not true that coyotes are an import. They were here a long time ago, were extirpated and then made their way across Canada to re-inhabit the NE. On the way, they mated with wolves, so the new eastern coyote is much larger that the western coyote. We NEED them!

  10. L.E.O.

    This is currently legal in New York, but it doesn’t have to be. Several states have recently passed legislation banning these types of killing contests, which are facing growing opposition nationwide.

    Two bills have been introduced in the NY State Assembly which would end these contests. Voice your support for bills S04253A and A00722B by calling or writing to legislators:



    In addition, if you live in Sullivan County please boycott the businesses who are supporting this contest (and let them know why). A list of donors to the 2019 coyote killing contest may be found here:

    Finally, here is a link to “Wildlife Killing Contests: A Guide to Ending the Blood Sport in Your Community,” by the Humane Society of the United States.

  11. Guest 101

    So many of you commenters are small-minded. What’s next mosquitoes? Rats? Perhaps if you realized how many species are overpopulated you would be okay with these hunts. Considering they’re only a 3-day hunt the species won’t be wiped out by a long shot. Grow up give Hunter something to do because here in New York you can barely take your gun out the front door. They call them Wiley because they’re not that easy to hunt anyway. So don’t think you go for a walk in the park and you’ll find one and kill it.

    1. Bill H

      Guest 101, so how many species do you think are overpopulated? And how would killing coyote for cash prizes help solve the problem? I have seen no data that shows that coyotes are overpopulated, and very, very little that says they are a danger to humans. The DEC is concerned about DEER overpopulation, but the presence of coyotes will actually help with that.

      Also, you say, “Grow up give Hunter something to do.” How about hunting for food?

  12. Ellen Sherman

    I raised a coy dog. I have respect for wild animals. Unless of course you have packs of twenty or more I don’t see any issue with letting them be.

  13. Lucy Muller

    This is wrong. It is probably illegal to offer prizes, it desensitized kids and they do not eat the meat. It is also stupid because they claim they do not want the coyotes to kill fawns so the fawns can grow up and be killed by humans. Sick!

  14. Daniel Hartwig Sr.

    What kind of idiots are you people in charge? Coyotes ARE a native species. They’ve been here OVER 100 years along with wolves and there is DNA to prove it! None of you should be wardens if you don’t know that! You better go back to school!!! I hope they turn on the hunters and who ever is allowing this ignorant hunt.

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