Women’s History Month Kingston seeks ideas for events

Women’s History Month Kingston (WHMK) was founded last March in collaboration with Black History Month Kingston organizers as a series of events to highlight women’s history through different mediums and a diversity of perspectives.

The first-ever citywide Women’s History Month celebration in Kingston had over 25 community events (the majority of them free), featuring local venues, organizations, businesses and people.

New this year is a submission form to schedule events to be included in the 2020 community series. Ensuring an egalitarian process that supports event organizers and participants, the WHMK submission form is open now through Feb. 10. When an event which aligns with the mission of WHMK joins the community collaboration, organizers are connected with a broad network of sponsors, partners, resources, and participants. The mission of WHMK, says those behind it, “is to celebrate the diversity and contributions of people who identify as women. Launching from the historical (and sometimes forgotten or unrecognized past), the goal is to empower people, here and now, towards an inclusive future where anyone’s impact can be revered.”


To submit an event to the Women’s History Month Kingston Steering Committee, simply fill out the WHMK 2020 Event Submission Form, which is available online at whmk.org.