Date set for 2020 Woodstock Women’s March

Woodstock women and men will join millions of Americans as they come together in towns, in cities and on campuses across the country to express solidarity for basic human rights. The March starts at 11 a.m. on Playhouse Lane in Woodstock followed by a Rally in back of Colony Woodstock, 22  Rock City Rd. Artists and speakers include Ubaka Hill, Michelle Hinchey, March Gallagher, Nia and Ness, Jennifer Maidman, Beth Mowry, Town Supervisor Bill McKenna, The Rock Academy, Tin Horn Uprising, and more to be announced as well as route information and parking on the Woodstock NY Women’s March Facebook page

This historic, human-rights event calls for equal access to clean air and water, access to healthcare, access to affordable education, and equal access to justice under the law. This peaceful march will present positive messaging to educate and inspire each one of us to step up and do our part.

This event is cosponsored by the Woodstock NY Human Rights Commission, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center and endorsed by the Woodstock Democratic Committee.


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  1. NancysMartiniGlass

    Oh God, more hags dressed up in their red cloaks, screaming untruths about their President, people holding signs about Russian bots while their party’s own children launder and funnel millions from the Ukraine, stringing up posters of an alcoholic Nancy Pelosi, “their leader” who can’t even walk on the streets of her district because it’s filled with human crap and piles of heroin needles, projecting racism onto DJT while their leading candidate talks about regulating black people with a chain at the community pool, and the weak men who carry their significant other’s signs…with each step they take towards the March their testicles shrink in the box their girl is carrying them in, there’s not much to do around here since it’s winter but I’ll watch the clown show, and if I miss it I’m sure the marchers will take pictures and video on their apple phones that were made by 10 year old girls in Apple’s sweatshop.

  2. X

    NancysMartiniGlass why did you say any of that. Lol. The fact that you were able to read and respond to that means you too are using something likely made in a sweatshop… targeting protestors won’t help the world. If you want someone to be angry at, your best bet are the people that make sweatshops exist in the first place. People will always buy things without knowing their origin story…. but they won’t consume products that don’t exist… be angry at big business & capital. The people that run and own everything…

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