Butler named next New Paltz Police lieutenant

Scott Butler

In the wake of Chief Joseph Snyder’s retirement after 32 years in the New Paltz police department, leadership changes continue to be made from the top down. The current lieutenant, Robert Lucchesi, will become the new chief and at the December 19 Town Board meeting, it was announced that Scott Butler, currently a detective sergeant, will be stepping up to the number-two position of lieutenant. Butler was not present to hear the news. Board members will be informed about who is selected to replace Butler as detective sergeant, but it’s an internal department matter and they will not be making that decision.

Town Supervisor Neil Bettez expressed how impressed he was on the several candidates interviewed. “They all see themselves as being on the same team,” which he sees as evidence of the culture Snyder and Lucchesi have worked to promulgate within the department. Snyder was again praised for his work and service.