In Saugerties, drive for a rebuilt animal shelter gets boost

A rendering of what the new Saugerties animal shelter might look like.

A detailed rendering of a new Saugerties animal shelter and a schematic of its interior have been commissioned by a committee of local stakeholders. According to Adele Zinderman, daughter of shelter founder Marie Post and administrator of the Saugerties Animal Welfare Fund, these plans are a crucial element to receive needed grant funding for the proposed building.

The structure is planned to be approximately 4,100 square feet with an additional 2,800 square feet for dog kennels and quarantine areas, and will be relocated to have a separate entrance from the town’s transfer station. The schematic includes a two-story cat-climbing space, a lobby, a covered exterior dog run and a “catio.” There will also be a grooming room, a food preparation room, a kitten room adjoined to a free-roaming cat room, a wildlife room, a cat condo area, separate cat and dog quarantine areas, staff and office space and two “community rooms” that can be used for staff meetings or classes, like kitten-fostering demonstrations. It will have two floors, and an elevator.


“This drawing is about the eighth one,” said Zinderman. “It’s not the final drawing, but it’s a pretty close rendering if what we will have … We had a discussion of what we needed.”

Zinderman said that the design was inspired by recently-built shelters that she and Town Supervisor Fred Costello Jr. had visited over the past months.

Architect Laura Cassar, along with a committee including Zinderman, shelter manager Elly Monfett, shelter employee Morgan Bach, Costello, town engineer Rich Praetorius and grant writer Kathleen Kearnan, devised the plans.

The Companion Animal Capital Fund, through which 25 shelters have received funding for repairs and new structures over the past two years, would provide $500,000 toward the project if Saugerties receives a grant. Town officials missed the deadline to apply for the grant funding in 2018, and it was unclear whether the funding would be maintained in the state’s budget until June of this year. Some $400,000 for the project will be sourced from the estate of the late Mary Bradford, an animal lover who was close friends with Marie Post. Zinderman said that the remaining $500,000 will need to be raised, and that approximately $50,000 has been collected so far. 

Donations toward the shelter can be brought to town hall at 4 High St.; checks can be made out to the Saugerties Animal Welfare Fund. Interested parties can also patronize the shelter’s annual Christmas Sale on Dec. 5.

“We do need the backing of our community to help us reach the goal to have our shelter. Just a year or two down the road, [inspectors from] the state Department of Agriculture and Markets is going to come in — they would close our shelter down [in its current state]. There’s so much that’s right about it, but so many standards have to be met.”


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  1. Carole Phillips

    This is fantastic for our area. Let’s all keep donations coming & spreading the word👏👏👏
    The animals deserve a great shelter . We want the state regulations to be met so that we can stay a much needed operation for our town.

      1. BS

        I second that thought Helen! Please give generously Saugerties and provide not only for this, but all your shelters needs. And, please adopt when searching for a “soulmate” and new family member, you will not regret it.

  2. Rachel Carson

    Three billion (billion) birds , song birds, have disappeared since 1970, one third of which (one billion) were taken by outdoor cats.
    Without any mention of what this joint does with the exponentially increasing number of out door cats, particularly in Saugerties, you wouldn’t get our money, time or effort,excepting maybe aiding for our aviary buddies.

    1. B. Saint Francis

      Rachel, don’t tell me, that you believe that it is cat’s that have decimated the bird counts of the world? You might want to look into that assumption, as it is a very wrong misconception. Are you sure you factless diatribe, was really based on a hatred of our feline earth companions? Insecticides, fertilizers, and the many other pollutants and contaminates of man are the reason. The birds, the bee’s, the bat’s, the ocean life, flora and fauna, and yes even ourselves, are all dying and heading too global extinction, by our own, man’s, destruction of the planets natural ecosystem. Unless, we all together, work very hard, right now to stop it, not only the birds, but yes, even the cats, dogs, and all life will end. I’m sorry too say it, but it is pretty ignorant of the true facts, too think that the disappearance of the planets winged wildlife, is attributed too cats.

  3. B. Saint Francis

    One more point, and maybe the bigger point, is that because of your misinformed assumption, you are stating, too hurt all the rest of the animals, all on your disdain of cats, as too get back on the human caregivers at the shelter, because of human policies, that you disagree with, due too ignorance and factless ideas. And, you are telling others not too give to the shelter, and to turn their backs on all of the animals within. You are some piece of work. Bottom line, this shelter is needed, donations are needed, please give generously

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