McKenna cruises in Woodstock

Bill McKenna, Reggie Earls, Laura Ricci and Mike Reynolds celebrate at the Station Bar & Curio. (Photo by Nick Henderson)

A write-in campaign by former supervisor Jeff Moran did little to keep incumbent Bill McKenna from re-election to another two years as Woodstock town supervisor. Preliminary results show McKenna received 1796 votes while write-ins, presumably for Moran for the top town seat totaled 462.

“I very much appreciate folks coming out and supporting me and giving me the opportunity to continue to serve Woodstock,” McKenna said at a gathering of town officials and Democratic party members at the Station Bar & Curio.


It was a quiet year for Woodstock once more as Republicans did not offer any candidates for any of the town offices. Thus, Town Clerk Jackie Earley, Highway Superintendent Mike Reynolds, Councilwoman Laura Ricci and Councilman Reggie Earls ran unopposed on the Democratic line. Reynolds received the most votes with 2226, followed by Earley, 2224; Ricci, 2074 and Earls, 1985. 

At the Station Bar, the faithful were gathered at a table trying to load results onto their smartphones from the severely overloaded and troubled Ulster County Board of Elections website. Finally, the results arrived.

“To me it really is about the service and trying to help make our community better. I look forward to working with the town employees again,” said McKenna. The supervisor said it irked him that Moran took issue with his comments about overseeing major town building projects. “And it’s true. I did oversee them. I was the eyes for Jeremy (Wilber) on all three of those projects…but what I’ve continually said and what he ignored…It’s a town effort, and none of that would be possible without (former supervisor) Jeremy Wilber back then. I have always recognized that. I miss him to this day,” McKenna said.

“But I’m also blessed. The whole campaign, I’ve talked about how important it is to have a great board, which I have…A great highway superintendent and a great town clerk.”

“I mean it’s really a team effort. It goes beyond the elected positions. It’s the employees, including the bookkeeper, who three out of four supervisors think she did a fantastic job. I’m looking forward to working with them for two more years.”

County Legislature Majority Leader Jonathan Heppner, who represents Woodstock and parts of Hurley, was also unopposed. He received 3029 votes.