Poll: Who is your pick for Ulster County District Attorney?

Mike Kavanagh and Dave Clegg.

Democrat Dave Clegg and Republican Mike Kavanagh, seeking the post of Ulster County district attorney at Nov. 5’s election, offer voters competing visions of the role of the county’s chief law enforcement officer.

Kavanagh, 48 and a Saugerties resident, is a career prosecutor and son of a former Ulster County DA and State Supreme Court judge. He currently serves as senior assistant district attorney, second in command to DA Holley Carnright, who will step down in December after 12 years at the post.

Clegg, 66 and a Woodstock resident, is a trial attorney who has spent the bulk of his career litigating non-criminal cases including taking on corporations like Walmart and going after corporate polluters. He also competed in last year’s Democratic primary for Congress, losing that race to Antonio Delgado.


Read more about the race here.

Who is your pick for Ulster County District Attorney?

  • Dave Clegg (53%, 499 Votes)
  • Michael Kavanagh (47%, 439 Votes)

Total Voters: 938

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There are 12 comments

    1. Scott E Denny

      Mike Kavanagh is already the Senior Assistant District Attorney, of Ulster County. With that said, how would that make David Clegg more qualified, while Mike is, and has been, a Prosecutor for the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office for years. Your statement makes absolutely no sense, and it’s baseless. Sorry, you may not like it, but facts are facts, and he’s already on the job. As far as Mike Kavanagh is concerned, he will simply be promoted to District Attorney. It’s fairly cut and dry.

  1. Just saying

    I totally disagree with you Augie.. We need a law and order DA like Mike Kavanagh, not a DA who is more interested in helping the criminals out.
    Just saying…

  2. Bob Hausman

    Dave Clegg …. For sure the best and most progressive candidate for DA. Dave’s got my vote. ….Bob, Woodstock

  3. Julie Diamond

    Dave Clegg does not have his finger on reality and god help ulster county if he gets in. Some people can’t be helped with a hug.

  4. Amelio Hash

    The guy that’s not anti-weed gets my vote, and the ole lady’s too, man. And she don’t even smoke!

  5. Pat Finch

    So what some of you are saying is that having compassion has little or no place in the justice system. Now, how would that fit in if your child or grandchild, etc., was involved in drugs, arrested, thrown in jail. Would you want the “lock them up” theory you are promoting. Vote for someone who understands this situation and is willing to do something about it. Vote for Dave Clegg.

  6. Ellie Johnson

    I agree with Pat! Love, Compassion, Honesty and Integrity in life goes a long way. I’m not sure that Kavaugh has that quality. I prefer to have a DA that has the ability to reach out to ALL people with honesty and integrity. I voted for Dave Clegg you should to!

  7. Anne Pyburn Craig

    The species is gradually discovering what the wise have always known — retribution is not the solution. It’s time for the Kavanaugh era, in which the primeval urge for retribution did enormous damage not just to errants but to crime victims, to come to an end and for that courthouse to become a place of nuanced justice. It will actually make the community safer than the current approach does. The county missed out by not electing Jon Sennett a while back, but hopefully this is the year.

    1. Elizabeth

      Dave Clegg has absolutely no experience as a prosecutor. His criminal defense experience is all based back in the 1980s and early 1990s. It’s easy to make big promises and bold claims when you don’t actually know how the system works or what a DA can accomplish. It’s also easy to make up false claims and accusations about your opponent, which Clegg has done repeatedly. Probably because he can’t touch Kavanagh experience wise, so the only thing he can do is sling mud. Kavanagh has stated repeatedly he believes in rehabilitation, where appropriate, he’s just not willing to sacrifice the county’s safety. All of you people who think everyone can be cured with love and compassion, I hate to break it to you, but there are dangerous people out there who do bad things. Those are the people who need to be held accountable and Clegg has NO idea how to do that. Stop advocating for a candidate that has NO experience and is not qualified for the job. Open your eyes and see beyond the rhetoric into the load of bull that you are being fed by a candidate desperate to be elected to an office, any office.

      1. Genghis Kahn

        In order to be an assessor’s aide in this state, the person must be 18 years old, have a driver’s license and have had an eighth-grade education. No experience required either. Somebody has to go after white collar and pink collar crime as well, and we ain’t seen that yet, this century nor the last half of the previous century. New broom sweeps clean, old broom gets in the corners. That is unless you live in a yurt.

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