Day of the Dead will me marked Sunday, Nov. 3 at New Paltz cemetery

A picture from last year’s celebration.

This Sunday, November 3, at 1 p.m., the New Paltz Rural Cemetery will be sponsoring its ninth annual Day of Remembrance (also known as the Day of the Dead). There will be refreshments, music and flowers to be used to decorate the sites of beloved family and friends. All are invited.

Throughout the Hispanic world and within many other countries worldwide, the Day of the Dead is celebrated. On this day, people of various cultures gather at the sites of their loved ones and remember them. In Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Ireland people bring flowers to the sites. In Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland families and friends light candles. In the Philippines the holiday has a family reunion atmosphere. The day is a national holiday for them and they spend the day together at the sites of their loved ones. In Korea, families and friends trim plants, clean the area and offer food and drink. Mexican style “Day of the Dead” observances occur in Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, New Zealand and in many cities in the United States. Annual events in Texas, Arizona, Los Angeles, California and Boston are sponsored for families and friends to spend time together and remember.