Ulster DA’s office: Heroin containing fentanyl causing unprecedented number of overdoses

A press release issued by associate Ulster County district attorney Michael Kavanagh today warns that heroin containing fentanyl is causing an unprecedented number of overdoses in the northern part of Ulster County, especially in Saugerties, as well as multiple overdoses in Greene County. The release says there two different packages responsible. The first package is a red colored stamp depicting a basketball player and the name “LEBRON” underneath the picture.  The second is a blue colored stamp depicting two handguns and the words “YOUNG GUNS.”

Anyone with information regarding the presence of heroin in your community can call 340-3599.  Calls will be kept confidential.

Note: The original version of this post included a statistic provided by the DA’s office stating that 12 overdoses occurred in the town of Hunter. That has been disputed by several officials, as reported Nov. 5 in the Daily Freeman.


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  1. harold

    What is the solution? Drinking alcohol is also deadly. Many people over dose on bing drinking. Mixing heroin with drinking alcohol even worse, often drugs are traded in bars where drunk alcoholics are also using, making the whole scene even worse.

    The only solution is to educate the public on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. If people are stupid enough to use these dangerous drugs and also drink deadly alcohol they should accept responsibility for their free choice to use drugs.

    This proves why drug and alcohol abuse is deadly. Dont use drugs and or alcohol is best advice….

  2. Sawyer Conk

    A short-term solution would be to make this information reaches local users so they don’t use bags containing these stamps, or at least use them in a very small quantity. It could save lives and local first-responder resources. Obviously the long-term solution includes a lot more but this is useful information.

  3. Gary

    Not that anyone from Hudsonvalleyone.com is reading this, but it was most likely 12 in Greene County, not in Hunter. Could someone verify and correct?

  4. harold

    But You could be giving false information to very sick addicted drug addicts. And You have not tested these containers or samples so how dare You give unknown, not tested, official public information to the public.

    You tell people to call 911 if they feel sick, not do drugs, and go to the county methadone program for help.

    Any official County information remains very legally liable.

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