Slow handwriting rules at Kingston’s Brush & Reed

Perhaps the only studio of its kind, Kingston’s Brush & Reed Fine Art Calligraphy Studio is devoted entirely to the craft, aesthetics and truly global history of the calligraphic traditions. Founded by Jena Argenta and located in the scenic and hopping Rondout district, Brush & Reed offers gallery viewings by appointment and a variety of fascinating programming. “At Brush & Reed,” said Jena Argenta, “calligraphy is not monolingual; it is the province of love letters. Language-based visual arts are grounded in disciplined, meditative practices. They present unique bridges for peace, healing and a refined sense of beauty and inclusion.” Earlier in October, Brush & Reed celebrated the opening of its latest exhibition, “Speechless: The Art of Communication,” featuring work by Kat Howard, Carole P. Kunstadt, Nini de la Torre, Jena Argenta, Elinor Aishah Holland and Barbara Bash, who additionally delivered a demonstration titled “The Calligraphic Voice Revealed.”

On Saturday, October 19, Bash leads a workshop in Slow Handwriting. “Our handwriting,” the curators write, “is a form of artistic expression that is accessible, completely unique and reflective of who we are in this moment.” Participants will learn to slow down their handwriting, working both big, loose and illegible as well as small, precise and clear, using pencils, pens and brushes. Registrants are instructed to bring a favorite pen. All other supplies are provided by Brush & Reed. Registration costs $60.

Slow Handwriting
Saturday, Oct. 19, 2-5 p.m.
Brush & Reed
39 Broadway, 2nd Fl., Kingston