Plans for solar farm at old New Paltz landfill move forward

An ad-hoc New Paltz committee studying the possibility of putting a solar farm over the old town landfill has been given the green light to negotiate terms with one of three bidders. After presenting its detailed report to the town board, which discussed the dollar value of the three proposals in executive session, the ad-hoc committee was asked to focus its efforts first on reaching an agreement with Sol Systems.

Building solar on brown fields such as a capped landfill is appealing because that land can’t be put to very many uses. Since the operator would be paying town taxpayers for that right, it’s also a financial benefit for the community. State incentives now available for this particular type of project might not be available later, lending some urgency into the process. To receive the maximum subsidy, an operator must invest a certain amount in the project this calendar year.

There is a potential to get a solar farm sufficient to power 1300 homes, which would be a powerful environmental benefit as well. 


Some forested portions of the 189-acres site would be cleared for the project. It’s not high-quality forest, Julie Seyfert-Lillis acknowledged, but may serve as a habitat connection for some species. Committee member Cara Lee assured Seyfert-Lillis that the overall impact on wildlife should be minimal.

Should terms be reached and approved by the town board, work could begin in some form this year on the solar project, with an anticipated 25-year lease under terms not yet disclosed.

Brouck Ferris Road residents Michelle DiDonna and Christine Ransom were among those who offered only praise for the hard work put into this plan. A Ferris Woods senior-citizen apartment complex, one of a handful of pending large projects subject to a zoning change, is proposed at the end of this dead-end road. There’s been active public participation in the planning process.

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  1. James T.

    Not enough sunny days in Hudson valley to warrant effective solar power. If anything try wind, water, make dam in wallkill river near village, must be lots of water there it floods.

    Proven fact not enough sun in Hudson Valley for effective solar power.

  2. Sean Bonniwell

    Proven by whom, James T., and how? When you can provide us with some science or actual proof, then we’ll know you’re not an oil company shill or a brainwashed Trumpist.

    1. James T.

      Trouble with Green Dreamers is at their won game they use lost of carbon fuel trying to make a solar world.

      How much gasoline will be used to build this project? Who will plow the snow in winter? how much gasoline used to plow the snow in winter to service this Green Fantasy project? How much gasoline used to build the solar panel?

      More effective to build micro nuclear power plant. Solar power nice for camping etc… it is much too passive to hold and viable yield in New Paltz.

      Good to use for small reflector night light on your driveway.

  3. James T.

    You are dreaming in a fantasy world if You truly believe You can gain any substantial viable power via solar panels in the Hudson Valley.

    How many days of full shine? How many days of clouds and rain?
    Cold batteries, snow, short days. Nice fantasy, far from reality.

    Try the solar water heaters, they work great when its january and 3 feet of snow and 15′ (f) just what i want, solar water heater on my roof in New Paltz.

    Dream on my, green dreamer friend……

  4. Sarah Lee

    Loss of natural habitat is never “minimal”, its fatal.
    Three billion (billion) birds have been lost since 1970 due to loss of habitat, as well as windows birds fly into because they reflect the outdoors and outdoor cats that are not indigenous to the environment and not kept indoors.
    “Minimal” my ass.

  5. Curt

    James T, The Hudson River Valley has substantially better solar insolation (that’s what it’s called) than Germany. In spite of this, Germany has 17 times as much solar install per capita as the USA.

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