Delgado calls for Trump’s impeachment

Congressman Antonio Delgado has joined the chorus of Democrats calling for impeachment proceedings against president Donald Trump. In a press release, Delgado wrote that recent revelations about Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating alleged corruption by former vice-president and 2020 presidential contender Joe Biden and Biden’s son Hunter had convinced him that articles of impeachment were warranted.

“The first responsibility of the president of the United States is to keep our country safe,” Delgado wrote. “But it has become clear that our president has placed his personal interests above the national security of our nation.”

Allegations of presidential malfeasance regarding the Ukraine surfaced last week when Congress learned of a whistleblower complaint filed by a member of the intelligence community. Since then, Trump has admitted that in a July 25 conversation with Zelensky he asked the newly elected Ukrainian president to investigate allegations that Biden — while vice president — had pressured a previous Ukrainian government to dismiss an anti-corruption prosecutor in an effort to protect the business interests of his son Hunter. The conversation occurred shortly after Trump moved to suspend a $391-million aid package for the Ukraine, which has for years battled a Russian-backed insurgency in the eastern part of the former Soviet republic.


Trump has denied any connection between the aid package and his request for an investigation of Biden. He has also defended his solicitation of a foreign leader to investigate a political rival as an appropriate effort to ensure that U.S. funds would not be siphoned off by corruption.

Delgado, a freshman congressman who represents a district which voted for Trump in 2016, had previously resisted increasingly strident calls from the party base to get on board with impeachment proceedings. Instead, he’s focused on bread-and-butter issues that appeal to constituents across the political spectrum, like expanding access to broadband internet in rural areas. His stance was in line with House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has signaled her belief an impeachment drive would be counterproductive to Democrats’ efforts to retake the White House and Senate and strengthen their majority in Congress next year.

But on Tuesday, Delgado, a former corporate litigator, said that Trump’s conduct clearly constituted an impeachable offense. “Having taken an oath of office before God and my fellow citizens to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, I can only conclude that Congress move forward with articles of impeachment.”

Delgado’s statement drew a swift response from Tony German, a Republican from Oneonta who is seeking to unseat the incumbent in the 2020 election. German, a retired major general in the New York National Guard, accused Delgado of joining “The AOC [Alexandra Ocasio-Cortea] wing of the Democratic party” in a politically motivated impeachment drive.

“Today the congressman abandoned his commitment to governance in order to appease the most extreme elements in his base,” wrote German in a press release Tuesday. “This is exactly the type of behavior that inspired me to run. Politicians will never fix Washington.”

Delgado will appear in New Paltz next month for an open to the public interview with KT Tobin, associate director of the Benjamin Center at SUNY New Paltz. The event, which is free and open to the public will take place on Thursday, October 10 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the university’s Student Union Building Multipurpose Room.

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  1. Walter Baschnagel

    Delgato, like most democrats, are total hypocrites… There has been nothing but resistance from Democrats who totally betray a fairly elected President… I hope they remember this should another Democrat be elected into office after 2024

    1. Darren

      Strongly agreed, They will never stop Trump, he is a brilliant man and will prove to be the best President in USA history.

      Far left liberal loser lying democrats have no one, who Creepy Joe Biden? Crooked Criminal Hillary?

      Delgado a liberal bum, what can we expect.

  2. Tim Hunter

    Well considered, and the right time…Even Shep Smith of Fox News stated “The real issue here is the phone call. The claim that the president pressured a foreign leader to investigate a political rival and the failure to pass the whistleblower complaint to Congress.”
    All Patriots need to be on board here…TRUMP makes NIXON look like SNOW WHITE!

    1. Darren

      Do not worry, the Senate will never vote impeachment. Trump did nothing wrong, he will win again 2020.
      Senate will never vote to impeach, and their are no strong opponents to challenge trump in 2020.

      Democrats have no one, Sleepy, Creepy, Drunken, Joe Biden will never win.

      Elizabeth Warren worse than crooked Hillary. She is no challenge as her stupidity really shows when she speaks.

      Nancy Peolsi is loosing it, she is shaking with slurred speech and obviously has early stage deminta.

  3. Texie McTexterson

    There is a high bar for a sitting president to be impeached (i.e. Orchestrating a break-in (The Watergate Hotel), Lying to a grand jury). Trump has not even come close to anything like this. Keep talking impeachment Dems, all you are doing is ensuring Trump’s reelection.

    Forget the impeachment talk Dems, I want to hear about the issues

  4. One term wonder

    I thought that Delgado was capable of thinking on his own. I was wrong. How could anyone make a decision prior to ANY documents, testimony, etc being seen? Another mindless lemming.

    1. Brian

      That’s what an impeachment is. The House lays out the case, with evidence provided. The House then votes on whether there is enough evidence to proceed to a trial. If that answer is “yes”, then there is a trial in the Senate. Basic civics. No wonder we have trump as president.

  5. Jp

    Democrats will be remembered for 2 things these past 3 years. Trying to impeach Trump, and not building a wall to keep out illegals. Great job!! You should be proud!! Hopefully all this impeachment talk will remind people how impeachment worked out for Bill Clinton

    1. darren

      Clinton’s were committing crimes. They were typical criminal democrats, same as touchy feely Joe Biden, a real creepy dude, most likely drunk.

      Trump much better president than Creepy Joe, or Crooked Hillary, Lock her up.

      Trump/Pence 2020

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