Catskill Mountain Railroad finishes renovations extending track by nearly 60%

The Catskill Mountain Railroad has completed an additional 1.67 miles of renovations on the track parallel to Route 28, increasing the length of its ride by nearly 60 percent. CMRR track now reaches Route 28A at MP 8.33 in Stony Hollow, providing a nine-mile round-trip ride from Kingston. The railroad track is now at the westernmost end of its current Ulster County permit along the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad. The CMRR’s fall-foliage trains will start using the new extended track on September 28.

The CMRR is also asking Ulster County to allow the railroad to cross Route 28A in Stony Hollow, where its track has been paved over, and to continue renovating track to MP 10.01 near the Ashokan Reservoir. The Ashokan rail-trail is projected to open in October.  The CMRR hopes to re-lay track to the new rail-trail trailhead in West Hurley at MP 10.4.

The CMRR also would like to extend its ride to the Glenford dike at MP 11.1. The dike location will offer rail passengers access to the beautiful vistas of the Ashokan Reservoir, providing a very scenic train destination.


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  1. Peter Baker

    Kudos to the dedicated VOLUNTEERS of the Catskill Mountain Railroad. They were told it couldn’t be done. The naysayers were proven to be wrong. Through cooperative efforts of all stakeholders the rails and trail can coexist on the same right of way. Let’s all work together to gain the full benefit of the Ulster and Delaware Corridor.

    A new beginning for the citizens of UC!!!

  2. Patzilla

    It’s great to see that they are making progress. I hope that they do get permission to go further. This is a priceless tourist attraction to Ulster County.

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