New citizens to take oath in Ulster County

The Ulster County Courthouse (photo by Dion Ogust)

A naturalization ceremony will take place at the historic Ulster County Courthouse on Wall Street in Kingston on Friday, September 20 at 10 a.m.

Approximately 50 new citizens will take their Oaths of Allegiance accepting the responsibilities of an American, while also gaining the rights and privileges afforded to most Americans by birth.  “The Ceremony is a community event,” said Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack.  “New citizens are welcomed by their friends, families, elected representatives, and public service agencies.”

Participating in the program will be Kingston Post #150 American Legion Color Guard & VFW Joyce-Schirick Post #1386 Color Guard, the Wiltwyck Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the New Paltz VFW Auxiliary, VFW Joyce-Schirick Post #1386 Auxiliary, the Ulster Literacy Association, the Woodcrest School Choir, The League of Women Voters of the Mid-Hudson Region, The Kingston Rotary Club, Congressman Antonio Delgado, Senator Jennifer Metzger, Senator George Amedore, Senator James Skoufis, Senator James Seward, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Assemblyman Chris Tague, Ulster County Executive Patrick K. Ryan, Ulster County Comptroller Adele Reiter, and Ulster County Legislative Chairwoman Tracey Bartels.


Presiding over the ceremony will be the State Supreme Court Judge Julian D. Schreibman, who will also be the keynote speaker.

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  1. No way

    Want to know how to spot a racist? Wait for a comment like, “YES!!! GLAD THEY DID IT THE RIGHT WAY AND DIDNT TRY TO SNEAK IN ILLEGALLY.”

    Nice when Nazis self-identify isn’t it?

    1. Were Full

      We are full and need no more. Should all be by lottery and 50 is more than enough. Hope they are not receiving food stamps, and Medicaid.

      How many immigrants in Ulster County on welfare?

      Go back home, and stay there, were full.

  2. Alexander Hamilton

    Glad they did it the right way and didn’t try to sneak in illegally.
    You’re gonna like it in this country.
    I came from the Bahamas, myself, and started the whole U.S. banking system.

  3. Your pal, A. Burr

    … And slavery All, you started that idea in the America’s also, they forgot to mention that in the play. Indentured servitude, Just saying…

  4. Alexander Hamilton

    “Their natural abilities are as good as ours.” I wrote, and did I mention that not only did I never own slaves, but I was pro-Abolistionist and actively and actually helped to end slavery in New York?
    You new citizens, take note. In my time, being a bastard had social implications in England that America never possessed.
    I’m on the $10 bill, Jefferson only on the $2.

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