Some New Paltz parents speak out against law eliminating religious exemptions to vaccinations

With the new school year looming, parents whose right to have their children exempted from vaccination requirements was yanked by a state law passed in June are feeling pressure, both from mandated deadlines to get their kids enrolled and from their neighbors in the community. Much of the August 21 New Paltz School Board meeting was devoted to hearing and responding to those concerns. Board members voted to write letters in support of revisiting the timeline to administer all of the vaccines required, but board president Kathy Preston noted that they must follow the law as written. They listened also to people who feel they are being marginalized in a community regarded as being welcoming to a diversity of different walks of life.

A law eliminating religious exemptions was signed June 14, in response to a measles outbreak in Rockland County. More recently, medical exemptions have been tightened, with doctors now having to provide specific documentation regarding each vaccine for which an exemption is sought. Superintendent Maria Rice, who wrote a letter to the state judge deciding in a lawsuit intended to stop the law’s implementation before the school year begins, agrees that not a lot of time was given to implement the new rules. District policy was changed to reflect the law, but as she put in her August 15 letter to Justice Denise Hartman, lawmakers’ “lack of consultation with educators and limited time for comment resulted in a timeframe that did not take into consideration a smooth transition, allowing parents to weigh their options and districts time to prepare for the results of their decisions.” In other states, she added, parents were given “years to come into compliance.”

Some parents had questions about the specific rules, because different health professionals have given them different answers when they’ve asked about how quickly vaccines must be administered to comply with the requirements. The implementation scheduled “is just unworkable” according to Kimiko Link, and is resulting in “a different kind of public health crisis.” When philosophical exemptions were rolled back in California, she said, the schedule was “magnitudes different:” years, instead of weeks. Per Megan Shapiro, another parent, the first doses of all vaccines must be given by September 18, with proof all remaining appointments scheduled to be filed by October 4.


Selma Cappolina spoke about the confusion in force since the law was passed. Her child, a rising junior, needs four more inoculations but must wait 28 days between some doses. “We’ve done all we could,” she said. Rice interjected that Connie Hayes, who is the director of pupil personnel services, has worked to become fully familiar with the law and its interpretations; she can be reached by phone at 256-4040. Parents present had information different from what the superintendent believed to be true, highlighting the constraints in conveying accurate information about what to expect.

Shapiro said that her decision not to have her child vaccinated was informed by history. She asserted that the creator of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk, later proved that its live version was sometimes harmful while a vaccine made from dead organisms was not, but it “took 30 years to listen to him.” She is skeptical that the interest in a fully-vaccinated population is based on science rather than politics or money. Absent that confidence, she does not believe in using children as a “testing ground.” Shapiro used that term because of what she sees as a catch-22: children must have a preexisting condition to receive a medical exemption, but evidence of that condition might only be revealed by administering the vaccine itself. “The only way to know is to give it to them.” She forecast that “in 50 years we will look back on this” as worse than allowing tobacco, and that full vaccination “does not solve a public health problem.”

Medical doctor Anna Steinhardt said that there is still “absolutely zero science” showing that healthy people who have not been vaccinated pose a risk to others. She noted that many adults have lost immunity once conferred, and that up to ten percent of vaccine recipients never become immune in the first place. Part of her evidence is a statement released by Physicians for Informed Consent about a similar rollback in California, in which those doctors stated that “about half of all California schoolchildren, who are fully vaccinated with the MMR vaccine, can still be infected with and spread measles, irrespective of the medical exemption rate.”

Voice breaking, Megan Rose recounted the feeling she’d had to hold off starting vaccinations on her second child. “I just felt intuitively that this is not right.” She allowed her doctor to overrule those worries, and her child was later diagnosed with leukemia. While she doesn’t think one caused the other, “You don’t give a vaccine to a child with leukemia,” a child who died at 13 months of age. Her concerns about the protocols stem from that experience.

Bearing reams of paper documentation to back up her comments, Link explained that vaccines meet a lower safety standard than prescription drugs, and that “there is risk.” That risk isn’t to the manufacturers, however, because those companies have immunity from lawsuits stemming from vaccine injuries, which are instead referred to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, through which an estimated $4 billion has been awarded since 1986. That’s frequent enough to give some parents pause, while many others consider the odds to be in their favor.

Many of the parents who spoke touched on other consequences of the legislation, such as a sense of marginalization within the community. Shapiro said that she and her peers have researched these issues with care, yet are “portrayed as wacky hippies who live in the woods” by others. Acknowledging that the issue has been “polarizing” in the community “like many others,” Kimiko Link encouraged taking a “broader look” at the issues than what’s been presented in media coverage, where complex issues are frequently summarized.

While Steinhardt is opting to home-school her own children, she’s concerned about the wedge this issue is driving into the community. She referenced editorials recommending that those who have not been vaccinated be included in a public database “like sex offenders.” Later she provided this reporter with a picture of a sign hanging at Elting Memorial Library warning patrons with compromised immune systems that “members of the New Paltz community who have not been vaccinated frequent this library.” About the sign she observed, “The irony of a posting like this is that there is often a similar posting outside the doors of those undergoing chemo or have a bone marrow transplant in the hospital (basically those who are severely immunocompromised). However, that posting warns to please not enter if you have been recently vaccinated with a live virus vaccine such as MMR or varicella as the vaccine can shed to others for several weeks.”

“We do not like to be on the fringe,” said Megan Rose in her comments, to be “seen as outcast” over this issue. Members of the community “all need to come together, whether we believe it or not.”

Link spoke of how the law change has pitted parents against each other, particularly when a family spans two households. “It’s just not necessary,” she said. “We’re afraid to even come out” as skeptical about vaccines because “overriding public sentiment” is that they are safe. A longtime employee of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, she has observed “varying levels of trust” in government during her career, because decisions are invariably made not just using science but political considerations.

As to the power wielded by this board, the parents sharing their stories disagree with the trustees themselves on that. Many of them asked for more time, but this board is also seen as influential because of the reputation the district enjoys. One woman explained after the meeting that a request to reconsider the rules entirely might get noticed if it came from this board, perhaps with others joining in. Board of Regents members also have a say in how the law is rolled out, and that’s seen as an avenue for this board.

Board members themselves appeared sympathetic, and agreed to sending their own request to stretch out the implementation schedule to back up Rice’s letter. Vice president Michael O’Donnell urged that any such request “be very specific” regarding how much time is being sought and precisely why.

O’Donnell also reminded his colleagues about a perspective not represented at this meeting: people who are concerned about what might happen if there was no such law.

Preston did say, “The powers of the board are limited in this,” but invited further comment via email.

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  1. Jeanne Green

    Zero sympathy for people feeling like “outcasts” over this issue. We are not going to “come together” over your desire to expose your children and our children to deadly and debilitating diseases for which there is a cure.

    You are wrong. Your opinion SHOULD be fringe, though sadly it seems to becoming less so over time thanks to unscrupulous and unscientific articles on the internet.

    1. Jennifer Martindale

      We have learned a lot about measles since the 1960s when the vaccine was introduced. Several Government funded studies from the National Institute of Health (below), show that measles virus metabolizes large amounts of Vitamin A and that supplementation with Vitamin A significantly reduces the severity of measles and is a successful treatment for measles. In addition, Immune globulin for measles is also available for immunocompromised patients, such as those on chemotherapy.

      Vitamin A as an anti-infective agent.

      Retinoids inhibit measles virus through a type I IFN-dependent bystander effect.

      Vitamin A Absorption, Storage and Mobilization.

      A randomized, controlled trial of vitamin A in children with severe measles.

      Vitamin A, infection, and immune function.

      Persistent measles infection in malnourished children.

    2. Justin Payne

      Our lawmakers and big pharma are so worried about an epidemic while the larger population of adults, the teachers, the administrators and child care providers are under vaccinated, and definitely aren’t even close to having had the 66+ vaccines required by the CDC’s recommended today.

      Ridiculous to put the responsibility on the children and not hold the adults to same same insane standard.

      So much for the Herd

    3. Sam

      Um… Nobody asked for your sympathy. Whatever “side” of this issue you find yourself, every health choice parents make for their kids is made with love. People do not have a right to risk public health, but they also do not deserve to me marginalized or degraded for their choices. And, there are broader implications at play here, are we really supposed to just be content with the government taking control over what goes into children’s bodies? What will be next? It is a slippery slope. And remember, Benjamin Franklin once said,”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    1. Joann

      One should not require any governmental exemption to do what is best for your kids. It’s a slippery slope forcing vaccinations, (how many times has history shown the dangers/deaths of medications? Oral polio vaccine, Vioxx etc.) what is next, euthanasia?

  2. Joann

    The media, who takes in significant advertising dollars from the pharmaceutical company, is not reporting the full extent of the anti-vaxx movement. (Although this piece at least provided some quotes of parents.) I took the time to do the research, as have many physicians, who come out on the side of anti-vaxx. Too many issues to name, lack of a true placebo used is safety trials, aborted fetal cells in some vaccines, CDC/WHO/medical journals/hospitals conflicts of interest, protective properties of some of these diseases that help prevent allergies, asthma, cancer etc, more evidence of better sanitation water reducing disease before vaccine programs even began….etc.

  3. Jennifer Martindale

    In fact, the peer-reviewed published scientific studies (the gold standard in science) in the world’s most renowned journals, show that the Vaccinated and especially the recently Vaccinated can be asymptotic carriers and spread these diseases through the mechanism of vaccine shedding or viral shedding (aka SHED AND SPREAD). Shedding can occur for several weeks following vaccinations and there are several known cases in which vaccinated persons were shown to be the index patients in outbreaks and responsible for spreading disease.

    In 2011, a 22-year old NYC woman with documented evidence of being fully vaccinated, transmitted measles to 4 people. Of the other individuals, 2 had documentation of full vaccination status and the other 2 had documentation confirming prior measles antibody protection.

    Index patients fully vaccinated and spread to other fully-vaccinated patients:
    Rosen JB, Rota JS, et al. Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, New York City, 2011, Clinical Infectious Disease

    De Serres G, Markowski F, et al Largest Measles Epidemic in North America in a Decade—Quebec, Canada, 2011: Contribution of Susceptibility, Serendipity, and Superspreading Events, The Journal of Infectious Diseases–Quebec_Canada_2011_Contribution_of_Susceptibility_Serendipity_and_Superspreading_Events/links/56cf289908ae059e37594ffa.pdf?inViewer=0&pdfJsDownload=0&origin=publication_detail

    There are countless other studies to demonstrate that so-called “vaccine preventable” diseases such as measles, mumps and pertussis are actually being spread by asymptomatic, fully-vaccinated patients.

    Please do your own research and see for yourself what the science actually says. A great starting point is the book “Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Studies Summarized for Parents and Researchers, First edition” By Neil Z Miller. This books contains summaries of Scientific Studies from scientific journals including Pediatrics, Vaccines, PLoS One, New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Clinical Infectious Disease, PubMed and many others. This is a great starting point and most of the full studies can be found and read online by searching for the study title and author.

    Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

    We live in a first world country with access to the world’s best medical care, clean water, food is abundant and children are not severely malnourished. The science from our country’s very own National Institutes of health tells us that even severe Measles infection can be successfully treated with Vitamin A supplementation.

    We have learned a lot about measles since the 1960s when the vaccine was introduced. Several Government funded studies from the National Institute of Health (below), show that measles virus metabolizes large amounts of Vitamin A and that supplementation with Vitamin A significantly reduces the severity of measles and is a successful treatment for measles. In addition, Immune globulin for measles is also available for immunocompromised patients, such as those on chemotherapy.

    Vitamin A as an anti-infective agent.

    Retinoids inhibit measles virus through a type I IFN-dependent bystander effect.

    Vitamin A Absorption, Storage and Mobilization.

    A randomized, controlled trial of vitamin A in children with severe measles.

    Vitamin A, infection, and immune function.

    Persistent measles infection in malnourished children.

    1. Steven L. Fornal

      As is typical with anti-vaxxers the “proofs” offered are not proofs at all. E.G. The “Shed and Spread” proof whose chief researchers conclude: “A single episode of transmission from an individual with prior evidence of immunity does not justify a change in current measles control and elimination strategies; however, this outbreak probably represents a series of rare events, and waning immunity among previously vaccinated persons is unlikely to threaten the ability to sustain measles elimination.”

      Citation of “gold standard” scientific studies mutilated by those wishing a particular outcome in defiance of the very science they hold up to “prove” their case.

      1. Jen Martindale

        There are dozens of other peer reviewed studies that have the same findings including studies for pertussis and how because of the vaccine, strain dominance has shifted and the vaccine is no longer effective. DTaP vaccine also does not stop transmission and infection, it only reduces the symptoms of the diesase. So one can have pertussis and not know it and therefore spread it to others a la Typhoid Mary style.

        Baboons vaccinated against pertussis became carriers and spread disease –
        Warfel JM, Zimmerman LUI et al. Acellular Pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a non-human primate model. Proceedings of the National Academies of Science 2014 Jan 14

        Since you are so sure that these studies are “mutilated,” then I respectfully ask that you explain to me if you are also okay with the fact that none of the vaccines on today’s schedule nor in the history of the world have ever undergone double blind, INERT placebo safety studies? Instead they are tested against other vaccines or all of the ingredients in vaccines minus the antigens. All drugs except vaccines have to undergo double blind, inert placebo safety studies prior to licensure. Vaccines are exempt from this testing because a new category of drugs was created to avoid having to safety test them called biologics.

        The drug Vioxx (which was later recalled and killed many thousands of people) underwent 60 months of rigorous safety studies with thousands of participants which were regularly monitored for side effects.

        By contrast, vaccines are monitored for mere DAYS. Hep B vaccine given on the first day of life for a disease that is spread through risky sex and IV drug use underwent 4 days of safety testing. Polio vaccine underwent just 48 hours!

        What does this mean? Well in a true placebo study, you would compare the negative health outcomes and death rate of the placebo and treatment groups. Negative heath outcomes and deaths in the placebo group are considered “background noise” meaning they would have happened anyway and are not related to the vaccine. So that number is subtracted from the treatment group numbers to determine how many of the treatment group had negative effects and deaths caused by the vaccine. Well, when your placebo is another untested vaccine, you are comparing the death and injury rates of 2 vaccines! This is scientific fraud.

        Don’t even get me started on the fact that vaccines are the only liability-free product in the US! You can’t sue a vaccine manufacturer if you or a loved one is killed or injured from a vaccine even if it is determined that it was due to negligence on behalf of manufacturer. Must be because they are so safe! 4+ billion paid to date in the “secret” vaccine court that most people don’t even know exists….

      2. Jen Martindale

        Also it should be noted that there are no follow up safety studies with vaccines and that after the study is over, it is over. So when you have a vaccine safety study that lasts 4 days that means that if a child had a negative outcome or died on the 5th day, then it essentially didn’t happen!

        Any deaths or negative effects that occur after the safety study concludes are not counted! Which really begs the question — why would vaccine safety studies be of such short duration??

        1. Steven L. Fornal

          Um…that figure of only four days is specious at best. Take a look at this History of Vaccine Development.

          It states 2-4 years exploratory stage with another 1-2 years in pre-clinical stage.

          This article also shows that placebo groups ARE used during multiple phases of testing.

          You should not be spreading confirmation bias information in order to “prove” your desired outcome. You smear the scientific process and community by being less than truthful about the reality of vaccine testing.

  4. AMomFirst

    Thank you for writing this article with true journalism standards! The deaths are real! Force injection without any liability? People must be losing their minds. The control is the narrative has been controlled. The pharmaceutical companies have nothing to lose, do all their tests and have been caught modifying the data to appear “safe”! The CDC whistleblower is still waiting to take the stand against the CDC! Over $3billion paid out for damages, with caps, proves something is not right! May more people open their eyes and see past the online trolls.

  5. Anna Steinhardt

    I encourage everyone here – Jeanne and Adam included – seeking more information about vaccine safety and science to start with these two short videos:
    Ask questions, do your own research, and refrain from insults, especially if you have not directly read the peer-reviewed science yourself. Here’s a great place to start in order to learn the essential fact that unvaccinated children do not pose a health risk to others:
    Lastly, Jeanne – you are sadly misinformed. Before you make the statement that your children and ours are being exposed to deadly disease due to lack of vaccination, I highly encourage you to find some science on this. Again, there is no science showing unvaccinated children carry and spread diseases for which there are vaccinations.
    Respectfully, Anna Steinhardt, MD

    1. Steven L. Fornal

      But what about “herd immunity” where the rates of required immunization are quite high before protection for all is achieved?

  6. Juliana Harriet

    If you truly think a non vaxx child can spread disease they don’t have you are sadly uniformed and lack critical thinking skills. If you are over 3o years old a 5 year old had had more vaccine and YOU ARE “not up to date”. Read about herd immunity, it’s a made up term that if you think about it can not exist. Most vaccines wear off over time , teachers and staff don’t have the same shots as kids, it simply is not a credible argument for forced vaccination. Why is everyone afraid of only the things we vaccinate for and only in school? Why have you allowed yourself to be so easy brainwashed and manipulated by the media and big pharma?? Think for yourself! This is the same govt that told you smoking was safe. Don’t you remember that time in our country when African Americans were mandated to use different bathrooms and different water fountain s? Well, that’s where we are with vaccines. Attitude s based on fear and lack of information

    1. I. SURVIVED

      There is nothing in human medical science about herd immunity. It is a marketing term created to try to explain why those vaccinated keep getting the diseases their shots were named after. It’s a fluffy term no one questions. Herd immunity is simply a widely accepted fallacy espoused by the CDC in the absence of any scientific proof. Those vaccinated will shed and spread the diseases they are injected with. It is warned in the package insert but doctors do not supply parents with the insert. They throw them away but they are all available online.

      The inserts also clearly state (in the Post-Market section) that no vaccine is tested for its carcinogenic or mutagenic effects or its effect on fertility. HOW DID THEY GET APPROVED? So every single shot is free to cause cancer, damage hereditary DNA, and cause sterility. Manufacturers don’t know, don’t care to find out, or don’t care to share what they know about those serious harms. But you are required to sign a consent form that you have read, understood, and accept those risks.

      What thinking parent would sign YES YES YES to a measles vaccine with cancer rates, chronic illnesses, and neurological damage rising among very young children? A measles “outbreak”? We used to call them measles parties. Everyone who voted to force kids to get a measles vaccine already survived measles. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Money doesn’t talk. It screams.

      Manufacturers also have zero legal liability for the injuries and deaths their shots cause. Instead, US taxpayers were forced to pay out over $4B in damages up through 2018. The manufacturers take all the money and the families take all the risk. You know what that is? It’s the definition of a bad deal…

        1. I.SURVIVED

          LOL! I mean there is no science behind the notion of herd immunity as applied to humans. Lip service to the idea abounds but it has never been demonstrated as based in scientific fact that such an idea has anything to do with human immunology.

          From one article in your list: “Herd immunity is the basis on which all national immunisation programmes are designed. It is the concept that…” It is true that all programs are likely based on a concept, a wishful idea. It is a critical notion because it is the ONLY argument available to forward the industry marketing objective that more and more and more people need to be injected ($$$) for the greater good and “herd immunity.” It has never been put to any test and is hypothetical, unproven, and widely exploited.

          Peer-reviewd medical journals are not what they once were. This is why the chief editors of the most respected journals keep resigning saying they have lost editorial control of the quality and independence they once had to publish actual studies, not industry’s pre-written fake studies submitted to respected researchers who sign the reports as their own for a payout. The federal government has also started to demand return of grant money when it is revealed that the studies were pre-written and not conducted. In fact, several respected former editors have published their very serious concerns about the demise of “peer-reviewed” journals. Here’s the picture:

  7. Bubba dumass

    Science is flawed and bought, period. How can people put trust into any clinical studies when the only entity that could afford to do these expensive and time consuming processes is the drug companies themselves. It’s well known in the data and research community how studies go unfunded when the data doesn’t meet the desired outcome for results. Many trials are conducted on a drug, the trials that get published are the ones that follow the desired outcome which is favored and ultimately gets passed to the public. How many commercials do you see regarding drugs that were passed to the public and ended up killing thousands? The lawyers been having a field day with these types of cases. The vaccines are no different. This is the reason why science is flawed, you can not put your trust into clinical studies nor the CDC. Also, herd immunity theory has been smashed given the fact most adults today are no longer immune even though they had vaccines. The real issue here, if people would wake up, your rights are being stripped away. Do you think it’s going to stop with just the kids? They are coming after adults next. Look what they are doing in Australia. Mandated anything is no good, you must have a choice, and especially when it comes to your own body. They will start to immunize all types of workers and it will be required for the job. Your own health is being compromised for the sake of profits. Your rights are being stripped for the sake of profits. Did anyone see that Merck, one of the biggest vaccine producers, donated 40 million to the state of Albany the night before the law passed. People, wake up before it’s too late.

  8. Rose

    A baby that hasn’t been injected with the STD vaccine Hep B is not allowed to be enrolled in daycare in the State of NY. This sounds like a law that truly empowers working mothers to be able to obtain safe and affordable childcare!

  9. Concerned citizen

    If all of the “anti-vax” research presented is correct, then how come in NY earlier this year, there were six outbreaks of measles, ONLY in non vaccinated communities, and then did not spread further, once quarantined, into the vaccinated communities. Seems to go against all of your diatribes on not vaccinating. Same kids, in the same schools that were vaccinated, did not catch the virus, as the “un-vaxed”, a virus thought to have been eradicated years earlier. So, research, smeasearch. As they say, the proof of the pudding, is in the mix. Reality trumps, sorry for the pun, fringe data. Unvaccinated kids got sick, and properly, fully vaccinated children did not, FACT. Also, large amounts of vitamin A is very toxic, and can cause increased pressure in the brain, toxicity of the liver, vision loss, skin changes, bone pain, jaundice, and nerve damage, so that might be a case of the cure is worse than, the disease.

    1. I. SURVIVED

      @Concerned citizen. All so-called outbreaks occur around highly vaccinated groups. It’s most easily noticed when they occur in military facilities (whooping cough, etc.) and other highly controlled groups like college and professional sports teams. Even in so-called flu epidemics, the vaccinated are ALWAYS at the center of it but mainstream news is not allowed to mention it, out of respect for major sponsors. You have to look at local news reports. Even during the recent measles kerfuffles. Lab-altered viruses shed and spread. It’s a medical fact. The vaccine insert says for 2 weeks you will be contagious but most families never see a package insert.

      Also, measles is a common side effect of the measles vaccine. And flu is a side effect of the flu vaccine. Paralysis is a side effect of the polio vaccine. Cervical cancer is a side effect of the HPV vaccine, etc, etc. Sadly, the “effectiveness” of these shots in PREVENTING the named disease is NEVER tested. It’s all done “Post Market”. Splashy news headlines contain the results. Look deeper. Outbreaks and epidemics always happen after major vaccination events. They are free advertising for the CDC (heavily invested in shots) and the outbreaks can be manipulated to politic for more and more mandatory shots. All super for sales.

      The name the game:

      MANDATORY = No advertising = No liability = Promised land of PROFIT

      1. C.C.

        You are wrong, you just made a rebuttal to my post about six separate measles outbreaks in six separate “unvaccinated” communities, this year in New York, and your response is it only happens in vaccinated communities. Hello, they were “unvaccinated” communities. It did not spread beyond, because most everyone outside of these outbreaks, were for the most part safely vaccinated, and healthcare officials quickly acknowledged and quarantined. The outbreaks were all measles, a disease that was thought too be eradicated for 19 years. Your lack of comprehension of what you have read would explain the rest of your malarkey, that you posted, like people who are vaccinated can expose another to the disease vaccinated for, you can not. You do not get the flu, nor become contagious from the Flu shot, a dead virus. Also, all the millions of people that it would take too make this huge a conspiracy happen, would truly be phenomenal. Every doctor, nurse, and healthcare professional, all the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, along with everyone of their employees, the government’s of almost every nation, the complete ensemble of national and international media, television, radio, internet, and free press, all nefariously working in cahoots, tricking all of the world to take vaccines that will give those vaccinated the disease, and others, so too spread it. Are you for real? Nothing you say is fact, and if good people believe you, and do not protect their children, and mass death occurs, will your lies be worth it then? Everyone please check the real facts, vaccinations are the best thing you can do for your child, and the future of all children. Do not listen too conspiracy theorists, zealots, and plain ol’ whacko’s. The manpower, time and effort it would take would be incomprehensible. Unless of course you live in Mission Impossible world. Your next mission Mr. Graves, if you decide to accept it, is to trick innocent mother into vaccinating her child with live virus, as too cause an epidemic. Of course this office disavows itself of any knowledge. This tape will self destruct in five seconds.

  10. SG

    The public health impacts of the community at large takes president over the individual fear of vaccines. One unvaccinated child can cause serious harm or death in the community. The self-righteous, self-absorved refusal or denial by parents isn’t acceptible. Individual faith does not over-ride the health and well-being of the
    community at large.

    Also, there is absolutely no scientific factual basis in the claims that vaccines cause harm. That is a proven lie perpetrated online by a few paranoid conspiracy theory individuals. It is a lie.

    Get your child vaccinated. As a parent, the one who might die…could be your child.

  11. Jocelyn

    Freedom of choice for abortion up to the moment of birth in NY but if a baby is born, no freedom of medical choice? Confusing. Healthy children are a community blessing, not a community threat. Health is contagious. Spread it.

  12. Juvenile Delinquent

    Not only am I glad I didn’t have to suffer thru the New Paltz School system (reform school, I) but I am only paying $7.02 in school district taxes total. And that’s too much, particularly the Gardiner Library portion.
    Dr. Salk would be turning in his grave if he read these comments. No, not Mr. Spock, Dr. Jonah Salk?

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