Saugerties Police target cell phone and seat belt use

Last Saturday, Aug. 24, the Saugerties Police participated in a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program, paid for through a grant received from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

Between the hours of 7 and 11 a.m., three officers conducted an enforcement detail, targeting pedestrian safety, motorists using cell phones while operating their vehicle, and motorist who failed to wear a seatbelt.

As a result of the detail, over 100 pedestrians came into contact with officers, each receiving a pedestrian safety palm card which provided information specific to pedestrian obligations in the lawful use of crosswalks.


Additionally, 19 motorists were issued traffic tickets for either failure to wear a seatbelt or talking on their cell phone when operating their vehicle.

The detail was comprised of two police officers stationed at Main and Partition streets in the village, with a third officer on bicycle. The bicycle officer was able to quickly navigate through the streets, providing the uniformed officers with the observed violations.

“Details of this type are extremely important toward reinforcing NYS vehicle and traffic laws that play a vital part in protecting motorist and pedestrians in our communities,” said Chief Joseph A Sinagra.

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  1. Stanley Hess

    This is without a doubt one of the biggest wastes of money our department has ever come up with. At 7:15 AM I personally witnessed the Chief Of Police and his Subordinates telling pedestrians they needed to push the walk button. This despite the fact that the street was totally bereft of all vehicular traffic. Why not conduct this “sting” at a time when more vehicles were on the road? By encouraging pedestrians to push the walk button despite being able to cross safely without it all they are accomplishing is stopping traffic for the few unfortunate cars unlucky enough to be on the road that time of morning. What an embarrassment. And to have the Chief himself be involved? Shameful.

  2. Jp

    You know what’s shameful, people that constantly complains. If someone gets hit by a car, which has happened in our town, people say where are the police. And when you try to educate people on the proper use how to do things, they complain that you’re wasting money. You can’t win! I’m glad I’m not a cop. Too many haters. Keep doing your best out there guys. Some of us appreciate you!!!

  3. Joesph B.

    Video tape them and jam them with many, many lawsuits. Investigate their private lives, dig dirt on them and have them removed from public office.

    File as many complaints on every level possible to stop the local cops from harassing local citizens who pay lots of taxes.

    investigate, video tape and remove these bad cops from our public payroll.

    harassing local citizens for cell phone tickets is b/s

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